Call for Artists: Philly’s #TrashcanTakeover is Coming Back, Here’s How to Apply

I just applied for this and I really hope I get picked. It’s gonna be an awesome project and I can’t wait to see the finished work whether I get to be a part of it or not. Here’s the link:


and the article:


Call for Artists: Philly’s #TrashcanTakeover is Coming Back, Here’s How to Apply

(Artworks by Kelly Smith, Nilé Livingston, Vi Vu, and Saeed Ferguson; Photos by Eric Dale)

So excited to announce that Brendan Lowry (of @Peopledelphia, Rory Creative) and I are teaming up again for a Trashcan Takeover 2.0!

The original #TrashcanTakeover, which you can read more about here, was a temporary art intervention that replaced 18 Center City trashcan ads with art from 18 local artists.

Brendan has been working with the folks at City Fitness again over the last couple of months to look for new opportunities to grow and evolve what we did this past summer, and I can not wait to share with y’all what we have in store!

In the meantime, we’re looking for 30 artists for this second round! Selected artists will be offered a stipend for your participation, and you can either use work you’ve already created or create something new. There will be a tight turnaround though just based on the really unique opportunity we’ve been offered, but the scale of this second round is much wider than our first, so if you were at all interested in what we did last time you’ll love where your art is seen this time.

Philly Artists: If you’re interested in applying to be one of the 30 artists taking part in Trashcan Takeover 2.0, please let us know by filling out this form by the end of the day Thursday, January 3, 2019! That’s less than a week from now! Brendan will be curating the final artists with a tiny bit of help from me, and we’ll notify the selected artists asap.

Stay tuned!

(Artworks by Kelly Smith, Nilé Livingston, Vi Vu, and Saeed Ferguson; Photos by Eric


Hydroelectric IPA

Just saw the final product of the labels I did for Wallenpaupack Brewing Company. I haven’t gotten my hands on any yet, but there were plenty of nice photos on Untapped so I figured I would post some of my favorites up on here. I tried to give it a bit of a 90’s comic book look. Cheers!

Blood Money at Sto’s

Got a chance to throw up the Blood Money skull at Sto’s Old City Beer Garden in Old City Philly yesterday. Been 16 years since I picked up a spray can but I’m happy with the end result.


Here are a couple pics I found on Instagram of people chilling in front of the piece:

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 8.14.46 AM

Also, since I always love when other artists post their #WIP shots I will as well:

I want to do more of this kind of stuff now, anyone have a blank wall I could borrow?



Interpreting Retro

Hey everybody! I started a new project called Interpreting Retro where I draw a picture of how I saw or imagined a retro game from my childhood. My Instagram account is @Phenzy and I hashtag these #interpretingretro. Here are the ones I’ve made so far:


Yay! Dragon Warrior slime!


I know this wasn’t the intention, but this is always what the hero in the original Dragon Warrior looked like to me.


Karpov always looks like he is holding his pants up.


The end heart boss in Contra always looked like Popeye to me.


Little Nemo climbing into animal suits always freaked me out a bit for a game that wasn’t supposed to be creepy.


I always thought the end of the original Zelda was pretty rough when Gannon died and became just a pile of guts.


Cyclops from Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse.


Eyeball from Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest.


Each of these images is available on items over on my Redbubble account.

Stale as Hell

Samuel Adams just released a new beer called Fresh as Helles and it looks eerily similar to my illustration for Conshohocken Brewing Company I did over a year ago. Here is the new Sam Adams beer:


My friends who brought it to my attention swear its a total rip off, I myself don’t really have an opinion. It seems super strange to me and I certainly feel that the design/art is not Fresh as Hell, but thats about it. I mean, it could be that someone got the idea from my illustration or it could be that someone just had a similar idea roughly a year after Blood Money came out, no way to really ever know. Either way, the Universe is strange.


Either way, Blood Money is coming back out real soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of that super tasty juice!!! I’m gonna try Fresh as Helles as soon as I see it around as well.

Ghost Bear!

Hi Everybody,

I did 4 more labels for Conshohocken Brewing Company. One can and three bottles.

I did the artwork for Ghost Bear and all of the artwork/design for My Sweet Shadow, Ten Ton Hammer and Locust Star.

Here are some of my favorite photos of Ghost Bear from UnTapped.

Here are a couple of the bottle labels as well. I am super proud of the fonts. Everything except for the barcodes(when used) are hand done.



See you guys soon!





Here is another can I worked on for Conshohocken Brewing Company. Prost!

Here are a few of my favorite pics I grabbed from Untapped:

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-8-37-17-am screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-8-37-34-am screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-8-37-48-am screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-8-38-04-am

My biggest fan is my three year old daughter, so I had to include this fun owl over on the corner!

The beer is fantastic, easily one of my favorite Oktoberfests I have had. My other favorite is Stoudt’s. Go pick up a can or more and try it out.


Type A


Conshohocken Brewing company just relaeased this super dank west coast IPA with some more of my artwork on it. Here are a few of my favorite Untapped pics of the beer below.

Can’t help but love any pic at the beach! The second pic shows off how super bright the can looks. The third pic is actually my pic from untapped (I built a little wooden framed sign for the pic, cause why not). Cheers!