Tonight I installed Corel Painter on my laptop. I never used this program before and had a pretty hard time getting it to do what I wanted. I use Photoshop most of the time but had read that you can do a lot more with Painter. I guess it will take some time to get used to but I did really like the pressure sensitivity on the pencil (my copy of Photoshop doesn’t have this and I don’t know if the newer ones do). I watched an episode of 30 days while I sketched this up. I had found my copy of Contra earlier in the day and that was my inspiration for drawing this.

I’d rather be playing Super Mario World

I sketched this drawing out at work last week. I brought it home over the weekend and threw it into Photoshop to mess around with it. I placed an old canvas I had into the background to get that rough look. I tried to keep the colors/shading limited. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.

Costume Quest Review

I know it may be a little late to be doing a review on Costume Quest, but I passed this game up when it was first released (I assume a lot of people probably did). Back when this game was released I played the demo and loved it, but for some reason I thought to myself, “self, you wouldn’t really enjoy such a childish game like this for more than a demos worth of time”. Crap was I wrong. I found myself going back to play the demo a couple of times after first downloading it. I finally caved and downloaded the full game and I have to say that I absolutely adore this game. The art is fantastic and the story is great. I’ve read my fair share of reviews on-line in which the reviewers have complained about the battle system but I think it’s perfect for a game like this. The battle system is reminiscent of the Paper Mario series. The battles are turn based, but the player will do much better if they can match simple button presses and commands that flash up on-screen. Gamers that enjoy collecting items will love this game. Candy (which is used as currency in the game) is everywhere. In mailboxes, trash cans, dumpsters, leaf piles and anywhere else you can think of. Of course the player also collects candy trick-or-treating at the various locations in the game. There are trading cards that the player collects called Creepy Cards that are similar in style to the Garbage Pail Kids cards of the 80’s, except the cards in the game depict disgusting candies. Another thing that can be collected in the game are costumes. Inside treasure chests are pieces of costumes. The game does a fantastic job making the player feel like a kid again. In the second level there is an arcade that most spawn of the 80’s will feel immediately familiar with, right down to the black carpet with sparkles and fluorescent splotches of color. The game also allows the player to re-live the feeling of trick-or-treating. When knocking at each and every door in the game an ominous drum roll begins to play as the player waits to find out if waiting behind the door is an adult ready to fill the players pumpkin pail with candy or a Grublin ready for battle. The game is simple, but some of the best games of all time have been simple. The quests in each level are a ton of fun. Some of them have you finding neighborhood kids who are playing hide and seek and others have you bobbing for apples. One in particular tasks the player with finding a pie filling that is not pumpkin nor’ apple (spoiler: its cherry) for your school principal. I really enjoyed this game. I have read a few other reviewers say that this game is about 5 hours long, it took me 7. The replay value is pretty low, unless like me, you plan on going back and playing it again next October (Don’t let that deter you, the price is definitely worth a single play through). If you’ve been struggling over whether or not to pick this game up like I had been, stop! Download this game today; it is one of the best RPGs on the X-box Live service.

Grublins on Ice DLC Review

I also picked up the Grublins on Ice DLC add-on after I completed Costume Quests main game. Grublins on Ice is more of the same (which is not a bad thing). I really enjoyed the Grublins on Ice side quest. The only problem I had with it is that it took me about an hour and a half to complete. It is very short. I do, however, hope that they release a few more DLC add-on quests. Double Fine has moved on to working on a game titled Stacking, so I doubt I’ll get my wish.

Score: B+
Overall this game is fantastic. I couldn’t justify giving it an A though because it has little to no replay value.

A Megaman Christmas

For Christmas this year I received the following gifts(I know, it’s a little late to be posting about the holidays. Too Bad). Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and the Megaman Official Complete Works book. My Wife got me the Megaman Official Complete Works book and Castlevania. My brother-in-law gifted me Bad Company 2, which is a game that he plays nightly and I was interested in getting so that I could play on-line with him. Castlevania is a great game and I am really enjoying it (I’m only about a quarter into it).I am a huge Megaman fan and had wanted to pick up the Official Complete Works for quite some time. The book is fantastic, it contains tons of sketches, box-art, un-used promotional material and just about everything else that went into the creative process utilized in making the games. The book is 207 pages and every single page in the book is interesting. The book is filled with anecdotes by Keiji Inafune(the series producer) as well as stories from many other members of the creative teams. In Japan this book is about double the size it is in America, it contains what is known in the states as Megaman X Official Complete Works as a separate book. If you are a Megaman fan I would absolutely suggest you pick this book up.