Repairing my Sega CDX

A long while back I had picked up a Sega CDX for $40.00. It came with a box full of games, two controllers and the Sega Classics Arcade Collection 5 in 1.

I was very happy to have found one of these so cheap especially with a box full of games (I’ve seen these go for $140 or more on ebay). The thing was awesome and it runs great. Sega CD games load up 90% faster than they do on my old Sega CD unit. The only problem with the system was that it was always stuck with the power on. As soon as I would plug the system in it would power up. It wasn’t a big deal when playing Sega CD games because I could just switch out a disk and press reset. Playing Genesis games however was annoying, I would have to unplug the system to switch cartridges. I wasn’t sure if this is how Sega CDXs always act or not, I looked at a few videos on-line and realized that all CDXs don’t act this way and that there was something wrong with my power button. For a long time I left the CDX the way it was. Recently, I decided to order an electronics screw driver set in order to open up the CDX and fix whatever was wrong with the power button.

I received the screw driver set on April 4th 2011 and it is a great tool to have. I can’t imagine any electronics device that I won’t be able to open up with this set. I had read on-line how difficult these things are to work on, but I figured since I’m only trying to fix the power button it shouldn’t be too difficult. Boy was I wrong, the electronics in this thing are packed in like sardines in a can, there is no wiggle room .The main circuit board sits over top of the area were the power button/spring etc. sit. Below that sits the Cd housing etc. (luckily I was able to leave that where it was). After I took the CDX apart I immediately noticed what the problem was. The little plastic arms that connect the power button to the actual power switch was broken in half. The spring was also bent upwards slightly. I couldn’t figure out how this could have happened because it looked like the system had never been opened before (there were no fingerprints showing on anything). I decided this could be fixed easily, if I could push the spring back into place and then super glue the plastic arms back together. I attempted to ease the spring back into place with a pair of tweezers and proceeded to shoot the spring across the room never to be found again. Great! So now I also needed to find a replacement spring ( a tiny spring).

I tried a few springs I had lying around, none of them fit. I then went to Home Depot and picked up a box of assorted springs for about $4.00. None of those fit either. I let the Sega CDX sit for a few weeks and then started looking at items I had around the house trying to figure out if they would have the right size spring. I pulled a lighter apart and found the right size spring.

I fit it in, super glued the plastic that was broken and tested it out. The spring was pretty weak and didn’t push back 100% of the time. I decided to add another spring above the power mechanism and now the power button feels right when I press it in. I tested it out for about an hour changing disks and cartridges and turning the system on and off. It works perfectly now!


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