I want your skulls…

Something new and something not so new.

The first painting I made over the weekend. It isn’t quite the entire image, but my scanner wasn’t large enough to get the edges. The second one I finished about a year or so ago(its also slightly cropped), its framed and hanging in our living room right now.

Anywway… here they are…

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Here is something I did for IllustrationFriday.com. The theme was “Asleep”.

Work in progress…

Here’s something I started working on tonight, I usually don’t like showing unfinished work but I thought it would be cool for people to see how I work. None of the color is the final color (its just there to give me an idea how some things will look when filled in. Also, all of the red scratches and notes are exactly that, scratches and notes. They will be gone in the final version. Anyway…here is what I’m working on right now…

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So… I finished the front of the Postcards I’m making today. I wanted to keep it simple without too much going on and I think they turned out real nice. I just need to figure out what I want to do with the back side of these now and they will be all ready to be printed. Originally I had a owl with its wings spread out sitting on top of the skull with a candle burning on the owls head. I also had an idea to have some spiderwebs hanging down from the top corners. I messed around with both of those ideas and decided that it didn’t leave enough room for lettering without shrinking the image down to a smaller size (which is somthing I didn’t want to do because I don’t want people to have to squint to see whats on the postcards). Here is the final Postcard image:

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Almost ordered new Postcards!

I decided it is about time to order some postcards for mailings. I had made this illustration awhile back and lost the original file when my computer crashed (I didn’t have this image backed up). I was hoping the JPEG I pulled from my Facebook page would have been large enough to use, but it wasn’t. Oh well, I guess I need to make something new for the cards. I think I’m gonna keep the basic idea of a skull/owl/snakes and use the opportunity to spruce it up a bit, I’ll update when its complete.

This is what the cards would have looked like:

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The image doesn’t look crisp and clean enough to me.

UPDATE! (Sunday May 22, 2011)
I started working on the postcard image today. I decided to keep the basic idea of a skull/snakes/candle, I cut the owl out completely. I tried the image with an owl with its wings stretched out but it didn’t look the way I wanted it to so I scrapped it for this design:

I think I’m going to finish the waves, shade in the snakes and roses, add the green snakes tail back into the image and then add lettering above the image.

I also started painting something new tonight that I will probably post by the end of the week.


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Here are a few owls that I’ve painted over the past 2 years or so. The first owl I just painted about 2 weeks ago. I really love working on 9″x12″ canvas panels, they are relatively cheap and they are only slightly larger than a standard piece of paper. It’s nice to just sketch something out real quick on these and start painting, the prep time is almost non-existent. Whenever I can’t come up with something else to paint and don’t have anything I need to illustrate I pick up a 9″x12″ canvas panel and paint an owl. It keeps me going so that I don’t fall into a slump in which I’m not making art for a period of time. I have about 30 or so owls that I have painted over the past couple of years.

We are 138…

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The weather has been beautiful outside recently. I sat in my backyard and painted this a few days ago and simply enjoyed the perfect weather.

Beyond Good and Evil HD

Last night I downloaded the demo for Beyond Good and Evil HD for Xbox Live Arcade. I had never played the game before and am quite impressed with just about everything the game has to offer (the camera is a little wonky though). The characters are very interesting and the game seems to switch the formula up enough to stay fresh. I sat down and sketched this out this morning. It’s the two main characters from Beyond Good and Evil, Jade and Pey’j. I think I’ll probably download the game if I see it go on sale in the near future (I generally wait for Xbox Live Arcade games to go on sale before I pick them up).