Almost ordered new Postcards!

I decided it is about time to order some postcards for mailings. I had made this illustration awhile back and lost the original file when my computer crashed (I didn’t have this image backed up). I was hoping the JPEG I pulled from my Facebook page would have been large enough to use, but it wasn’t. Oh well, I guess I need to make something new for the cards. I think I’m gonna keep the basic idea of a skull/owl/snakes and use the opportunity to spruce it up a bit, I’ll update when its complete.

This is what the cards would have looked like:

Click to view larger image

The image doesn’t look crisp and clean enough to me.

UPDATE! (Sunday May 22, 2011)
I started working on the postcard image today. I decided to keep the basic idea of a skull/snakes/candle, I cut the owl out completely. I tried the image with an owl with its wings stretched out but it didn’t look the way I wanted it to so I scrapped it for this design:

I think I’m going to finish the waves, shade in the snakes and roses, add the green snakes tail back into the image and then add lettering above the image.

I also started painting something new tonight that I will probably post by the end of the week.


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