Teenage Obsessions

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This weeks “IF” word was Obsession, I had a hard time at first coming up with an idea. Then this popped into my head. I remember an 80’s horror movie in which the main character was obsessed with horror movies/props. Although I can’t remember which movie it was (or what the kid looked like), this was my inspiration. For a little while I was thinking about doing it as a self portrait, but I realized that I would have wanted to do add Batman, Superman and a few other comic heroes as well as some video game characters or systems. I realized that didn’t work as well as the sci-fi/horror movie kid. Looking back now, I kinda wish I put a movie reel or something on his shirt instead of the skull (although I do like how the skull turned out).


Over a couple of beers a friend of mine mentioned that he wanted me to paint a mural in his “Man Cave” that was video game related. He said he wanted something retro, but not something 8-bit. He said that he feels that there are way too many 8-bit style artworks out there and that they feel a little played out at this point. I guess he is right, you can jump onto Etsy and pick from a ton of re-created scenes from a ton of old NES games. I suggested we put a Doom inspired mural up and he went for it right away. This morning I decided to sketch up a few ideas for what we might do on the wall. I was really excited to draw a Cacodemon so that is the one I worked on this morning…

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Here it is without the color (just the outlines/background), I’ll probably use this version(or one without any background) to enlarge it and project it onto the wall when we get to the point that we start putting these up around the room…

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I am very excited to get to work on the actual mural. I love video games and it is awesome to have a good excuse to draw/paint a bunch of video game related stuff.


The “If” word this week was Perennial. I had a few ideas for this topic, but I decided to save a few of them for later (they didn’t work as well as this idea did).

Well, here’s what I turned out…

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I must admit, I rushed this a bit. I have a few other things I have been working on recently but don’t want to be one of those people who stop pumping out Illustration Friday works. I sat down knowing I wouldn’t spend a ton of time on this and just wanted to do a quick spot illustration, all in all I like the way this turned out. In other news I just recently sold a painting! It is this painting right here, a Misfits inspired piece titled “We are 138”. I sold it for $50.00, after Etsy fees, Paypal fees and shipping I think I made about $40.00. Can’t complain about that!

20 Eyes

Here is something that I painted for fun over the past 2 days:

(My scanner made it look a little different than it really looks, pulled more of the yellows out that you normally wouldn’t see. I think it still looks pretty cool though)

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(Acrylic on 9″x12″ canvas Panel)

20 eyes in my head
20 eyes in my head
They’re all the same, they’re all the same

When you’re seeing 20 things at a time
You just can’t slow things down, baby
When you’re seeing 20 things in your mind
Just can’t slow things down

Then all those eyes
They’re just crowding up your human face
Then all those eyes
Take an overload

-The Misfits (20 eyes)

Creaturemag.com Banner!

I made a banner for the website Creaturemag.com. I found the website last night and really like it. It features artists/illustrators and musicians. I submitted the banner I made for their website this morning and I already got a response that it is going up on the site! It will be up starting next weekend! It will be in rotation with a couple other banners on the site.

Here is the banner I made:

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They even sent me a mock up of what it will look like on their site:

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The site is really cool and they have a monthly mixtape that you can download for free!

Check it out, click on the logo to go to their site:


This weeks “IF” topic was Gesture. I thought of Bruce Lee instantly. I decided to do an illustration of him in one of his classic poses/gestures. Well, here we go….

I tried to give it a bit of a Punk Rock feel and I also tried to exaggerate a few things like the size of his head and the slenderness of his waist.

It’s been years since I have watched a Bruce Lee movie, and now after completing this illustration I am totally in the mood to sit down and watch Enter the Dragon. Maybe a movie marathon is in order, I’ll watch Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx as well (I watch that movie at least 2 times a year, I love it).

Let me know what you guys think of the illustration!