This weeks “IF” word was Remedy. Here’s what I turned out:

I was thinking about how a lot of people self remedy themselves with lots of alcohol and pills.

I found some old pills in our bathroom cabinet and used the bottle and pills that were inside it for a few reference photos.

Same with the beer can/bottle which were in my recycle container outside.

I really rushed this one and only spent about a half an hour on it, but I still like how it turned out. I really like the rushed look to this illustration.

Anyway, I know I normally try to post at least one post between each Illustration Friday post but recently I completed a piece for a website and their only request is that I wait until it is posted on their site before I post it on my own. So as soon as its posted I’ll either post it here or just provide the link. Oh, and by the way it is Batman related.


14 thoughts on “Remedy

  1. I agree, the rushed look gives it character and fits the image. I was gonna say when I saw the Yuengling you’ve got my taste in beer until I saw the pbr can… šŸ˜›

  2. Congrats for being the Pick-of-the-week!
    Lovely illustration, I really like the textures and the colors.

  3. A really great illo – I love the sketchy, quick quality of this one. Nice colors and quirky sense of humor. Keep up the great work! And now that you made IFri’s pick of the week, I’m sure LOTS of people will be looking at your work now! Well done. šŸ˜€

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