Over a couple of beers a friend of mine mentioned that he wanted me to paint a mural in his “Man Cave” that was video game related. He said he wanted something retro, but not something 8-bit. He said that he feels that there are way too many 8-bit style artworks out there and that they feel a little played out at this point. I guess he is right, you can jump onto Etsy and pick from a ton of re-created scenes from a ton of old NES games. I suggested we put a Doom inspired mural up and he went for it right away. This morning I decided to sketch up a few ideas for what we might do on the wall. I was really excited to draw a Cacodemon so that is the one I worked on this morning…

Click to enlarge

Here it is without the color (just the outlines/background), I’ll probably use this version(or one without any background) to enlarge it and project it onto the wall when we get to the point that we start putting these up around the room…

Click to enlarge

I am very excited to get to work on the actual mural. I love video games and it is awesome to have a good excuse to draw/paint a bunch of video game related stuff.


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