This week the Illustration Friday word was Imperfect. The first thing that popped into my head was Two-Face from Batman. I try not to do fan art for the Illustration Friday assignments so I decided I would come up with another idea. I’m not sure exactly when I came up with this idea, but I know it was after I had a few beers on Friday evening and that it is a bit of a play on the two face character… or at least that’s where some of my inspiration came from. I also had just finished watching the horror/comedy film from the 80’s TerrorVision, and I know that was also part of my inspiration for this illustration. The movie was awesome! It’s on Netflix instant now and I suggest everyone check it out.

Anyway, enough blabbering…here is what I came up with:

Click image to view larger

I also was featured over on again last week(I didn’t even know till yesterday), the link is here.

While you’re at it, you can click the link below to check out the entire site.


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