This weeks “IF” word was Disguise, I didn’t do any brainstorming on Friday and wasn’t thinking about what I would do for this weeks assignment at all. I was lying around on the floor in my living room sketching some random junk and watching Netflix. I sketched out a little alien guy and realized that he looked a lot like a spoon. Eureka! I knew what I would do for this weeks “IF” word. Well, without further delay here it is…

Click image to view larger

I was thinking about an alien trying to blend in with a couple of spoons on someones table. At first I was thinking I was going to make him really menacing looking, but later I decided to make him a happy little guy.

I made the spoons before I added the alien to the picture and I really like the piece without the alien as well. Here is what it looks like without him:

Click image to view larger

On a totally unrelated note, I recently picked up two really cool books at Borders. Borders is going out of business and all their stuff is super cheap. I picked up a Lynda Barry book titled Picture this, I only got a couple of pages into it but based on what the Amazon.com listing says and Lynda Barry’s little interview about the book it sounds like it is a book about why people stop drawing/being creative as they get older. I also picked up a book titled AD BOY that is basically just a bunch of really great vintage advertising and cartoons. I got both of them for 50% off which was fantastic. I would suggest that anyone who hasn’t been in a Borders recently to take a stroll in, they still have a ton of things left(at least the one I stopped in did). The comic section was pretty badly beat up when I was in there though.



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