This weeks “If” word was mesmerizing. I missed last weeks “If” project because I had been away on vacation. I didn’t like the topic anyway so it actually worked out nicely(If I had been home though I would have done something for it though). For this weeks word I was first thinking about drawing a man with glasses that spiraled a design through the lenses, maybe a mad scientist or something. Somehow that idea turned into this one, I used myself as the person in the illustration. When the recent 3-D movie fad hit I hated it and I did honestly feel like it was an attack on everything that films meant to me, but now I think I am mesmerized by it. I still don’t think everything should be in 3-D, but I like the idea of certain movies being in that format.

Anyway, I threw this illustration together really quick because I have a huge project that I am beginning today. I will mention more about it as the project is further along. I wanted to make this piece more of an editorial looking illustration(even though it isn’t being used for anything) than a big piece and I think it turned out pretty nice.

I also launched the website today, go check it out!


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