Thrisft Store Junkie #8

Score! I finally own a Super Nintendo! I own 5 Sega Genesis systems but for whatever reason I had always had a hard time coming across a nice looking Super Nintendo. Over the summer I came across a very yellowed SNES at a flea market and almost dropped $35.00 on it. I’m glad I decided against that because about a month ago my Mom came to my house with a box and told me she paid $5.00 for the whole thing. She knew I had been looking for a SNES for a very long time. I opened the box and it contained not only an SNES but also the following games:
NHL 95, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Street Fighter 2, Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim 2, Maximum Carnage, Super Mario All Stars + World and Blackthorn.

I hooked up the SNES right away and it worked flawlessly! It also looked better than my Wii hooked up to my HDTV (I have Mario All-Stars for Wii and for whatever reason it has black bars on either side of the play area, on SNES it doesn’t do this it just stretches out. I don’t get why the Wii disk version of Mario All-Stars does this since the Virtual Console games don’t do this).

Two weekends ago I also picked up the following at the Delaware County Community College flea market:

I paid $1.00 for Rise of the Silver Surfer and the 3rd Lord of the Rings film (It was the only one out of the trilogy I didn’t yet own). Ridge Racer 5 for PS2 was also $1.00 and I paid $2.00 each for Civil War and Battlefield 2 for Xbox 360.
I also came across a copy of The Big Book of Hell by Matt Groening. I paid $2.00 for this and it was absolutely worth it, I love Groening’s older stuff(before Simpsons).

We just had our first snow on Oct 29th here in PA and I doubt there will be anymore yard sales or flea markets to go to so I’m not sure when the next time I will be able to update the Thrift Store Junkie portion of this blog. Oh well, till next time.

Bonus Ghost (42)

So Ghost Week was officially over yesterday, but since tomorrow is Halloween and I still had ghosts on my mind I drew another one. Also, over on the theme for the week is Scary so I’ll be submitting this to that website today as well. Here is todays illustration:

I also did another illustration for “IF” over on my website, here is the link to the illustration I did for that site: GHOULIE!

If you like 80s horror movies you should probably know what I based the illustration off of. I promise this is the last ghost you will see on this site, at least for a while.


This weeks Illustration Friday word was Scary! I had just finished watching the movie Ghoulies the other day, so I decided to do something with that. The beginning of the movie there is a cult performing a satanic ritual of sorts. I don’t really understand where the Ghoulies come from because they are there in the movie before the ritual is performed. For my illustration I tried to pull the satanic aspect into the illustration a little more so I put “666” and an upside down cross on the Ghoulie’s forehead.

Click image to view larger

I like how this turned out, I’ve been trying to simplify some of my work and not spend so much time on it. This took about an hour and thats pretty much what I wanted to spend working on it. Here is the same image without the color…

Click image to view larger

I actually worked on this illustration backwards than the way I normally work on them, for this one I blocked a lot of the color in first and then went back to do the outline work. Normally I do the outline work first. Oh well, it worked either way. This was a very fun illustration to work on.

Last post I had mentioned that I want to start posting links to artists that I find online whose work I like. I found this Thor illustration in a New Yorker and decided to check the guys website out. Very bold, cool looking stuff. I spent at least an hour looking through his work. If you want to check out his website as well here is the link: Jashar Awan. I have also been using his work(and a few others) to remind me to keep things simple with certain illustration and not to overwork them. I actually have this Thor illustration hanging on the wall next to my computer right now.

Ghost Explosion (41)

When I started this I was only going to do the one ghost in the center, but from there I just kept adding and adding. It’s Saturday after all so I had more time to mess with this than I do with most of my illustrations. It wasn’t until after I finished the illustration that it reminded me of the scene in Ghostbusters where Walter Peck shuts down the Ghostbusters containment unit and all the ghosts go free. Anyway, here is the final illustration for ghost week…