This weeks Illustration Friday word was Scary! I had just finished watching the movie Ghoulies the other day, so I decided to do something with that. The beginning of the movie there is a cult performing a satanic ritual of sorts. I don’t really understand where the Ghoulies come from because they are there in the movie before the ritual is performed. For my illustration I tried to pull the satanic aspect into the illustration a little more so I put “666” and an upside down cross on the Ghoulie’s forehead.

Click image to view larger

I like how this turned out, I’ve been trying to simplify some of my work and not spend so much time on it. This took about an hour and thats pretty much what I wanted to spend working on it. Here is the same image without the color…

Click image to view larger

I actually worked on this illustration backwards than the way I normally work on them, for this one I blocked a lot of the color in first and then went back to do the outline work. Normally I do the outline work first. Oh well, it worked either way. This was a very fun illustration to work on.

Last post I had mentioned that I want to start posting links to artists that I find online whose work I like. I found this Thor illustration in a New Yorker and decided to check the guys website out. Very bold, cool looking stuff. I spent at least an hour looking through his work. If you want to check out his website as well here is the link: Jashar Awan. I have also been using his work(and a few others) to remind me to keep things simple with certain illustration and not to overwork them. I actually have this Thor illustration hanging on the wall next to my computer right now.


2 thoughts on “Ghoulie!

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  2. I much prefer the green version. The different colors and the spots and shadows add quite a lot to this ghoulish guy. The yellow on the chest area is a nice touch, too. For some reason when I read your description I was thinking you watched “Goonies” and it didn’t fit quite as much, lol. 😉

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