Just Dance 3 Review

Illustration by Pat Henzy

Ubisoft rules! I just received a review copy of Just Dance 3. I signed up for a program that is called “House Party” about a month ago because I heard that Ubisoft was giving away free copies of Just Dance3 and Just Dance Kids 2 for people to preview in their homes (and keep after the preview was complete).

I ran out and bought a new slim 360 with Kinect within a few weeks of the Kinect being released. I expected big things out of the Kinect(but so far all the ideas I have thought up in my head have blown the actual products that have been released out of the water, which is very disappointing). I am glad I now have a copy of Just Dance 3 because it is one of the few games that really takes advantage of what the Kinect can do.

I was very excited to receive Just Dance 3 in the mail because I hadn’t really thought about picking up a dance game for my Xbox 360. It was something that I wouldn’t have spent the money on for myself. I am what most people would call a “hard-core” gamer. I don’t really like that saying though, sure I’m going to log hundreds of hours on Modern Warfare 3 over the next year or so. But I also did the same with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, running through the game multiple times trying to collect all the star coins. As a matter of a fact I even took a break from Arkham City and Modern Warfare 3 and played the game last night. When Sonic and Sega All-Stars racing was released I became obsessed, trying to collect every achievement in the game(I only have a few left to get). A few of my favorite games for Xbox Live Arcade are Peggle, Costume Quest and Tetris. My favorite game of all time(other than the obvious games such as Mario 3, Resident Evil 2 and 4, Final Fantasy7 etc.) would be Bomberman World for PS1. So the title of hardcore gamer would probably be a bad title for myself. I’m more of a balanced gamer, I play everything. Just Dance 3 is super fun. When you break everything down in a video game, this is the only thing that really matters.

Just Dance 3 has a fantastic art direction as well. Lots of florescent colors and joyful backgrounds. The game gets you moving, and in my case it gets me listening to a bunch of music that I normally wouldn’t be listening to(and I enjoy doing it as well). Any game(for Wii, Move or Kinect) that gets you up and moving around is a winner in my book and this game definitely does that. I was sweating within minutes of playing.

After I received the game I invited a bunch of friends and family over to play the game and it was a blast. Even I have had a ton of fun playing the game. The songs in the game are a great mix of old and new. Everything from Kiss to Bananarama. You can find the complete track listing here.
All in all, I wouldn’t go out and buy this game for myself but after seeing all the fun my wife, friends and family members have had playing it I’ll probably be picking up Just Dance 4 when it is inevitably released. My wife really loves this game and has been playing it almost every night after work. If you like dance games and were thinking about picking the game up I would highly suggest it. It is the best dance game that I have ever played(I’ve been playing them since Dance Dance Revolution was first released).

Going strong (72)

The protests are still going strong, here is my second drawing of protesters since I started this page:

Since this is my second Protesters illustration and since the Occupy movement seems to be going strong I figure I’ll probably draw something related again at some point. Because of this I made a new Category over on the right called “Protesters”.


The topic for IF this week is round. I know it is a little early to be thinking about Christmas and the Holidays, but this is what came to mind when I heard the word Round. Maybe it’s because every store I go into already has holiday merchandise loaded on to the shelves or the fact that there are already a ton of holiday commercials on the TV. Anyway, here is Santa, he’s been eating way too many cookies and can’t fit down the chimney. He’s stuck and the reindeer wouldn’t even wait for him!

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Pinball (70)

I just watched a Pinball Documentary on Netflix. It was pretty good. Some of those guys really take their Pinball collecting very seriously. Some of them just seem like really strange guys. This wasn’t based on any of the people in the documentary in particular, maybe it’s a mix of a few of them though:

The eye favors our undertakings (67)

This is #5 in the Money series:

Also, I didn’t realize that it was Thanksgiving week on Sunday when I decided to do Money Week. I really wanted to do a turkey for the official drawing today, but I didn’t want to break Money Week. Instead, here is an unofficial drawing for the site. I did it super quick and it doesn’t count towards the 365 illustrations. I drew it the way I used to draw things when I was a kid, I just sat down and had fun with it. After all, that was the point of this website. If you would like to see some of my cleaner illustrations take a look over @ Thecrayonwar.com. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Eat and eat till you pass out (I know I will).