This week’s Illustration Friday topic was Stripes. Recently I had watched the film Bronson starring Tom Hardy (the guy who is gonna play Bane in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises). I became fascinated with Bronson, who was a real person. If you don’t know about Bronson I suggest you read about him here. The guy was a monster, he would take on multiple prison guards at once and usually win (at least for awhile, eventually they would always outnumber him). I doubt he ever wore a stripped prison outfit because it seems like they didn’t do anything like that over in Britain, but it fit this weeks topic and I thought it would look good. Anyway, here is this weeks illustration, Bronson:

Click to view larger

My favorite thing that I have seen on Illustration Friday so far this week would have to be this Captain America piece done by artist Craig Ashforth. I just watched Captain America for the first time tonight with my wife and it was a great movie. As soon as I got finished watching the movie I popped onto Illustration Friday and immediately saw Craig’s Captain America. He’s got a lot of other cool stuff up on his site as well, so after you check out his Captain America you should take a look at his gallery as well. larger


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