Here is an illustration I did for IF. The topic was Silence. It is about the Penn State and the Sandusky scandal. It is an illustration of Mike Mcquery, Joe Paterno and Tim Curley.

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I came across a similar illustration while I was viewing the Illustration Friday website today. At first I was a little miffed because someone had a similar idea as me. As I said earlier, I was at work and itching to get home to work on my illustration when I found this. After I found the illustration I was going to come up with something else and forget about doing this illustration completely. Later when I calmed down I figured that #1. My illustration will be different enough that it will still be worth making, and #2. Great minds really do think alike! Anyway, the illustrator who made that illustration that I linked to is named Seth Patrick. After you check out my site I suggest you go take a look at his as well. He has some really cool stuff up on his site. My favorite is his illustration of Beetlejuice sitting with Bin Laden and Osama Bin Laden(you know, like the scene in the movie when the one guy switches his number with the witch doctor and ends up getting his head shrunken).


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