While organizing my files, look what I found!

It’s very rare that I post a bunch of illustrations all on one post, but over the past week I have been cleaning up my desktop on my computer and trying to keep things a little more organized. While doing this I came across some illustrations that I never posted on the site. Here are a couple of things that I did for Poogletsauce. Poogletsauce is a video game review website. The first image is from something I did just this past weekend. It was for an article on the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is getting a new dashboard update(I guess thats like the operating system on a computer) and one of the things being added is better suppot for Facebook. Here is the illustration:

Click to view larger

Another thing that I did for Poogletsauce was this header for the Thrift Store Junkie articles on the website:

Click to view larger

I also made this illustration of Pikachu as a zombie for Poogletsauce in the beginning of this year:

Click to view larger

Finally here is an illustration that I made for no particular reason. About 3 or 4 months ago I really felt like making an octopus so I sat down and drew this:

Click to view larger


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