Thrift Store Junkie #9

With the winter on its way flea markets and yard sales start to dry up. Thats OK with me though because I hate being out in the cold. Even though I haven’t been to a flea market or yard sal in awhile I was able to find a couple pieces of AWESOME at my local Goodwill. I have owned a Sega Master System for many years, but I have never owned any good games for the system. I always come across the Great line of sports games (Great Baseball, Great Soccer etc) for way too much money. I have been looking for R-type, Ghosts and Goblins, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon and a few other games since I got the system. Well I finally came across a couple of awesome games. I picked up R-Type, Shinobi and World Gran Prix for $2.00 each. World Gran Prix isn’t that great of a game, but I really enjoy racing games so I had to pick it up. The other two, R-Type and Shinobi were absolutly worth the $2.00. I have played R-Type multiple times since I got it(which was only last weekend).

That was all that I came across recently but my brother-in-law picked up an awesome Game Gear set that one of his co-workers gave to him. His co-worker was planning to throw the whole thing away!

It came in a carrying case with the following games:

The games are Taz in escape from Mars, Sonic 2, World Series Baseball, NBA Jam and Arcade Classics.

The Game Gear becomes a little less portable once you strap this monster on to it!

The Game Gear also came with an AC adapter and the Super Wide Gear attachment(which is just a huge magnifying glass).
I must admit I am jealous, my Game Gear is black and I always liked the Blue Game Gear system a lot more. His Game Gear works perfectly(another reason I am jealous since mine has a few dead pixels). He also got all the instruction booklets included:

I really like the little illustration of the Game Gear in the Sega Game Gear Instruction Manual. Here are two pages from the inside of the booklet:

Click image to view larger


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