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If you have read as many comics in your life as I have you probably recognize ads just like this one. In the 80s and 90s(In the 50s, 60s and 70s too I would assume) comic books were full of this kind of stuff. For what ever reason, starting in the late 90s I noticed these types of adds started going away. In a weird way I kinda miss these ads.


The topic for this week over at “IF” was Highlight. I could really only think of one thing to do for highlight and that would be to draw a highlighter(which is probably what I will do for my other site sometime this week). After awhile I started to think that making a lighthouse might be cool so I took that idea and ran with it. I decided to keep this illustration simple and fun. I hope you like it!

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Amazon Purchases

I recently picked up a couple of games through Amazon. My Brother in law gave me a gift card for Christmas and I ran right to I normally wouldn’t post something like this but I had a great experience with all the items that I purchased through Amazon. I used to be afraid to use Ebay and Amazon and I have totally changed my mind about both sites over the past few years. The games I picked up were as follows:

Megaman 2 for Gameboy
Warioland: Shake It! for Wii
Punch-Out for Wii
Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings for PS1

Each of the sellers listed these games as Good(other than Punch-Out which was listed as New), but each of these came in like new condition. I kind of expected Lemmings to show up in a generic case and maybe a little worn looking, but to my surprise it came perfect. No cracks in the case, full instruction booklet and the disk looked like it was never ever used. I am super excited to have received Lemmings because I plan to do a full review on the game over the course of the next month or so.

The sellers that I bought from are listed below:

Rock30 Games (Megaman 2)
Reset Games (Punch-Out)
DMMSTUFF (Wario Land)
MARY4376 (Lemmings)

I recommend each of these sellers. On top of the fact that the games all came looking brand new I also got them super quick(each in less that 7 days). Hopefully if anyone out there has a fear of using Amazon my post might help them to fear it just a little bit less.

100 Posts! (100)

When I started this blog I started it so that I could simply draw for the sake of drawing. When I was young I remember sitting down with a pen and drawing without planning the drawing out. During that time of my life I would sit down with a pen and a few markers and get right to the creating. Nowadays I spend a good bit of my time brainstorming and sketching and then finally creating the work on my computer(whether its for myself or a client). When I started this website it was for the purpose of getting back to the basic act of drawing just for the fun of it. Before I started this page I was very hard on myself as far as planning out and working on my illustrations, but since I now have to complete an illustration a day that completely went out the window. I wanted to make some of my non-daily illustrations a little more simple as well and I think that by doing an illustration a day I have learned to be a little easier on myself. You can check out some of my other illustration work over at
I also would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every follower of this blog, you guys are the reason that I keep going every day and keep this thing going. Thanks to all of you!