Sonic CD HD!

Sonic CD is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and Iphone!
The game will feature enhanced graphics as well as the original Japanese soundtrack. It also runs on a completely new engine, this worries me but I am optimistic. Sonic CD is a fantastically fun game, I own two copies of the game at present. One original copy and Sonic Gems Collection for Gamecube which contains the game.
Anyone who has never played Sonic CD should download the game the day it is released, I spent the entire summer in 1993 traveling through time with Sonic. In Sonic CD you can travel to the Past and into the Future, it is awesome to see what the stages look like in different time periods. As far as gameplay goes it is classic Sonic. If you like the Sonic games you are going to love this game. If you hate them, well… this one might just change your mind. Sonic CD is my favorite Sonic game of all time. I believe the stages to have the best level design of any Sonic game past or present. I was on the fence about whether or not I was going to pick this game up only because I already have two copies of the game. As soon as I found out that they will be adding Tails I totally made up my mind, I WILL be picking this game up on the day it is released. You should too!


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