The end of summer

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The leaves are all falling off the trees and winter is just about to begin. I hate the winter, don’t get me wrong I love the holidays and all the festivity… I just freeze out in the cold.
Here is a small acrylic owl painting that I did, I tried to keep it very yellow and washed out looking because as summer fades away it takes all the color with it. I treated the acrylic like I would if I were using watercolor. When I see other peoples artwork I like to see the process. I figure it is only fair to do the same some of the time when I am posting my work. Here is the original sketch I did on the canvas after I filled in a background color:

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Going back even further, here is the drawing I did for my blog which was when I came up with the original idea(at the time I wasn’t even thinking about turning it into a painting):


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