Batman skins pack drops December 6th

Illustration by Pat Henzy

On December 6th 2011 the Batman Skins DLC pack drops on Xbox 360 and PS#. Sure we have all had a chance to check out YouTube and see a few of the skins people received via pre-order bonuses, but finally we will be able to own all the skins this upcoming Tuesday. You can pre-order the skins pack through Gamestop right now for $4.99, it has been available for pre-order since the day Arkham City released. There will be 7 skins included in the pack. I am most excited for The Dark Knight Returns skin, but the Batman Beyond and Year One skin are great as well. I really wish they would have brought back the armored suit from the first game, but this is such an awesome pack that I will let it slide. If you as big a Batman fan as I am this is a must have purchase(I have had mine pre-ordered since the day I picked up my copy of Arkham City). Heck, even if you are not a huge Batman fan but still enjoyed this game it is only five dollars for 7 skins.


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