The If word this week was “Sink”. I sketched up a man sinking in quicksand and ended up using that over on my other page( where I draw an illustration every day for 365 days. I am just about to hit 100 drawings over on that site! You can check that drawing out here. The illustration ended up being a bit political just because I thought it fit the theme quite well. You can’t go anywhere these days without talk about the economy popping up, and that was the theme that I ran with for that illustration. For my illustration on this page I made something similar. For whatever reason I ended up changing the main person sinking from an old man into the Statue of Liberty. It doesn’t really mean anything, but I thought it would make a nice illustration. It’s a shame I don’t have an article to go along with it because I think it looks like something that would accompany an article in a magazine like the New Yorker, a weekly newspaper or something like that. Anyway, enough blabbing. Here it is:

Click to view larger image


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