Saint Stephen’s Day

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Acrylic and Sharpie on canvas

Today is Saint Stephen’s Day. Saint Stephen’s Day is a very strange holiday. In some parts of Ireland on the day after Christmas young boys will walk through the town with a stuffed/fake wren on a stick. In the past it would have been a dead wren on a stick, they would then go from house to house(while singing and dancing and just generally carrying on) and ask for a donation that they could use to help to bury the wren. The money that would be collected would then be used to continue partying that night or used to help fund a dance for the neighborhood. I only just recently read up about this holiday so I am not an authority on the specifics, but a dead wren seemed like a fun thing to paint at the time. Saint Stephen is the patron saint of stonemasons, coffin makers, horses, and also the patron saint of headache sufferers. So anyone who drank a little(or a lot) this past weekend and needs to make the hangover go away, he would be the guy to pray to if you believe in that kind of stuff.


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