Thor (135)

Today I sat down and drew Thor, with my left hand…

I know Thor doesn’t have a belt buckle with a lightning bolt, but my Thor does.

The sweet life (133)

Starting today I have decided to draw using my left hand for a week(I am right handed). This is the first drawing that I have done using my left hand, I used a poster that my wife has hanging in our hallway as the reference. The movie is titled La Dolce Vita which means The Sweet Life in Italian. I still used my right hand to color things in, so the black of the mans eyes and any marker in the picture I didn’t use my left hand, but I did use my left hand for all the line work. I guess I’d call it drawing switch (just like you can bat switch in baseball or ride switch in skateboarding).

Here was the view from the floor in the room I was drawing in and a close up of the movie poster:

I realize that I have a pretty sweet life myself. I have a beautiful wife and although we live a life that some people might call boring it’s pretty sweet to me, we really do enjoy each others company and like to spend our down time just hanging out around the house listening to music, watching TV or a movie.Yesterday we hung out and my wife made some pizza, I put a new lock on our backyard gate and ran some speaker wire through the basement, my brother-in-law came over and helped work on one of my fiends cars in our garage and it was pretty much a perfect day. Last night we went out with a group of friends to a local bar, which is something we haven’t done in a month or two. Although its super nice to see friends and people we haven’t seen in awhile, the bar scene itself just isn’t fun for me anymore(I don’t think it ever really was). Call me boring but my life is pretty sweet without it.

Harry Potter (131)

My wife and I rented Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 tonight. Unfortunately we didn’t watch it yet because we also rented Horrible Bosses and watched that first. I can’t wait to watch Harry Potter tomorrow though.

Joe Paterno (127)

For todays drawing I drew Joe Paterno. A little while back I created a more finished version of him for a spot illustration about the scandal from a couple months back. It was about Penn State and the Sandusky scandal. It is an illustration of Mike Mcquery, Joe Paterno and Tim Curley. Obviously I didn’t make it using a ballpoint pen and a marker but I thought I should post it along with todays drawing since its related.

Click to view larger
I don’t personally like to let my feelings about the whole thing be known, but I think this illustration turned out nice. I don’t like to think that anyone could allow kids to get hurt. I like to hope that he didn’t know much and honestly did as much as he could, but who knows.