My brother-in-law, my wife and I are in the band Seltzer. It’s really just the two of us and anyone else that is around who feels like they want to sing. We have a few songs from our first single titled “Sandwich Single + Sides” over on
We have been kicking around the idea of putting out a full album soon and calling it “Real Big Dish”. I sat down and made a cover for the album tonight, it was a good practice for me because I’ve been thinking that I want to do more “Punk Rock”(Or at least what I interpret that to be) style artwork which is something I’ve gotten away from over the past few years. Someone over on my other blog ( referred to this style as grungy, and I’m OK with that too. Basically I just like the idea of simplifying some of my illustration work back down to its most basic elements, and I think I achieved this with this illustration.
Anyway, here is the insert for the album:

Click to view larger
Here is a version of the logo that I messed around with tonight too:

Click to view larger
Also, here is the full cover from the “Sandwich” single we put out:

Click images to view larger


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