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The topic over at Illustrationfriday.com this week was “Popularity”. Zombies have become a super popular thing in the past couple of years. Tons of video games, movies and even a show on AMC. My 18 year old self wouldn’t have been able to wrap my brain around this, back then my friends and I had to run to the blockbuster or play Resident Evil to get our zombie fix. Times have changed, and I think I like it. I really didn’t just use this as an excuse to draw a zombie, it was one of the first things that came to my head when I heard the word. I used myself as the reference for this illustration. I was listening to The Boils album When the Sun Goes Down and it got me thinking about crime in Philly. I thought this would make a nice illustration on the topic, so I put a cityscape in the background. Hope you like it!


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