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This week’s Illustration Friday word was “Intention”. My intention is to paint more this summer. I drew a man standing in front of his easel after painting a sky scene. I had him thinking unhappy thoughts because he isn’t happy with his own work, which is something I think a lot of artists can relate to. His intention was to create something maybe a little different than what he ended up creating. I also wasn’t sure what to put on his t-shirt but I finally decided on Keith Haring’s Golden Child(at least I think that is what it is titled). Hope you all like it!


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  1. A contemporary Van Gogh!!! I think that’s what Van Gogh would look like if he lived in the year 2012. Prolly still suicidal but with better and more meds out there =P he hopefully wouldn’t kill himself this time and get to accept himself and his work no matter what the other ciber impressionist critics? and people thought. That’s my struggle too

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