Ghost of my old dog (223)

I made this drawing based on the song “Ghost of my Old Dog” by Jason Lytle.
Great song. Jason Lytle was also in the band Grandaddy, which is a super awesome band.

Also, like I promised in the last post, I will start adding random stuff to my posts, here is a drawing I made of Albert Einstein a few years ago:

Blaming video games(222)

Can’t blame Grand Theft Auto for this one.

I found a ton of old photos on my old iMac so I’m gonna start adding some extra stuff into these posts on occasion. For this post I’m simply going to post a few pictures from my old studio/bedroom… I guess these photos are all from 2005-7 (maybe).

Yeah, so thats my workspace from a couple years ago… I will post my current workspace in a future post. Also, don’t forget my other illustration website @

Pizza man (221)

Here is my drawing for tonight. I really could go for a nice greasy plain cheese pizza right now, with a beer! Maybe I’ll get one tommorow for dinner. Anyway, I keep trying to get my new computer to match what the old one got when it scanned drawings (its the same scanner). The white background looks better now (other than the crease in the center of the page of this drawing, but thats not the scanner/computer’s fault. But the marker looks off now. Oh well, I’ll try upping the saturation a bit for tomorrows scan.