Snake mouth (286)

I really like the way this one turned out. I don’t really know what I was trying to make this guy though, maybe a demon or Bigfoot?
I can’t wait till my 365 days are over and I begin remaking newer more refined versions of my illustrations for this project because this is one of the images that I really want to revisit.

Bomb (285)

It’s time for me to drop a bomb… an Art Bomb. I have neglected my other illustration blog for too long. I have to get back to posting the things that I create on that page and participating in again.

A bunch of faces, a few birds and a worm (283)

A BUNCH OF FACES AND STUFF THAT I DREW TODAY. I NORMALLY TRY TO KEEP MY DRAWINGS FOR THIS SITE ON A FRESH PEICE OF PAPER, BUT TODAY I USED A PAPER I HAD WRITTEN SOME WORK STUFF ON. (Sorry about the CAPS, just caught that) You can see the numbers I had scribbled on the paper on the left hand side by the robots head. I also decided to use this illustration as a header at the top of this page. It will appear at random with the original header.
Hope you enjoy!

(Update 6/28/12) I decided to remove this as a header, I really like the original header!

Mustache overload! (280)

I hope I spelled mustache correctly!

I drew this guy today. I kinda based it on a drawing I did on a book cover yesterday, after I finished the drawing on the book cover my wife said “Awww, his mustache should have been curlier. So here is a similar guy with a curlier mustache. I think I’m going to use him and re-draw him on a matching book cover with the guy flipping the bird and Hate written across the top. As always, thanks for the support everyone!