Snake mouth (286)

I really like the way this one turned out. I don’t really know what I was trying to make this guy though, maybe a demon or Bigfoot?
I can’t wait till my 365 days are over and I begin remaking newer more refined versions of my illustrations for this project because this is one of the images that I really want to revisit.

Bomb (285)

It’s time for me to drop a bomb… an Art Bomb. I have neglected my other illustration blog for too long. I have to get back to posting the things that I create on that page and participating in again.

Another cowboy (284)

I drew a cowboy awhile back, and today I drew another one…

The line “I’m the only hell mama ever raised” is from a Johnny Paycheck song so I guess I will also add this drawing to the “Interpreting Lyrics” category. I must admit though I added that underneath the cowboy as an afterthought.

A bunch of faces, a few birds and a worm (283)

A BUNCH OF FACES AND STUFF THAT I DREW TODAY. I NORMALLY TRY TO KEEP MY DRAWINGS FOR THIS SITE ON A FRESH PEICE OF PAPER, BUT TODAY I USED A PAPER I HAD WRITTEN SOME WORK STUFF ON. (Sorry about the CAPS, just caught that) You can see the numbers I had scribbled on the paper on the left hand side by the robots head. I also decided to use this illustration as a header at the top of this page. It will appear at random with the original header.
Hope you enjoy!

(Update 6/28/12) I decided to remove this as a header, I really like the original header!

Mustache overload! (280)

I hope I spelled mustache correctly!

I drew this guy today. I kinda based it on a drawing I did on a book cover yesterday, after I finished the drawing on the book cover my wife said “Awww, his mustache should have been curlier. So here is a similar guy with a curlier mustache. I think I’m going to use him and re-draw him on a matching book cover with the guy flipping the bird and Hate written across the top. As always, thanks for the support everyone!

Look out behind you! (279)

I have 86 days left of this project. I am super excited! I have loved working on this project, but it will be nice to devote more time to my drawing instead of having to finish one each day. As soon as this project is over I plan to continue posting on this website though and to re-visit drawings that I have done for this page. Basically I plan to re-do images that I have drawn for this page, but to spend more time on them. Anyway, thank you to all my followers! I love you guys and gals!

Blueberries (278)

I ate some blueberries for lunch today so I decided to draw them.
They don’t look correct without the blue though… so here is a quick photoshop color job on them too…