Denied (307)

I read an article recently about Latin Americans that are being denied entry to the US because officials are assuming that tattoos mean they are involved in gang related activity. People with no criminal convictions are being turned down for green cards and residency. You can read the whole article here.

Ever since I read the article I wanted to draw something related to it. None of the tattoos I threw on this illustration have any gang meanings or anything, I just put a bunch of nonsense tattoos on this guy.

I liked the idea of this drawing so much that I did a little more with it and colored it up in photoshop:

I can see where the US government is coming from trying to keep gang members out of the US, but having quite a few tattoos myself I see the individuals side of the story as well. Most of the people being denied probably are not gang members and just got the tattoos because they liked the look of them.


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