Time for beer? (315)

This past Saturday I was introduced to a new Brewery by my friend Pat Woods. I went with my wife, my brother in law, my friend Pat and his girlfriend. Other than Iron Hill there wasn’t really a local brewery in our area, well not until Tired Hands set up shop. I was a little worried about not liking the place at first because I heard that their food options were very limited. However, after I got there and started drinking I found their food options to be pretty awesome. We tried the Duck Prosciutto and the Sopressata. Both choices were awesome. We also had two of their sandwiches, the Hammy Mammy Sammy(a ham and cheese sandwich) and the Lancaster Bologna and cheese. Both were pretty amazing, much better than I am making them sound (go read the description on their menu page and you’ll see what I mean). Ok, lets talk about their beer now. It is great F’n beer! I tried their Hop Hands, Lil’ Lady, Hellcurse, and their A Long Way (to brew) an IPA. They are all very drinkable and tasty beers but I eventually settled on Hop Hands and had a couple more. I regret that I didn’t get to try their Hop-A-Tact which is named in honor of the Philadelphia punk rock band Kid Dynamite. I didn’t see it on the list at the time though. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I think I’m gonna go back and get a growler of it this week.

I loved Tired Hands so much I decided to draw this as a sort of Thank You to the brewery for making such awesome beer. They probably really did have tired hands after serving us beer all night!

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