Sit Ups (347)

Also, here is something I am currently working on. It’s a skull with swirly eyes. Normally I keep my paintings all acrylic but this one is very mixed media so far.

Wanna Fight? (345)

Hey everybody, here is my drawing for the day. It’s an old man, and he wants to fight you! Put up your dukes!

I only have 20 drawings to go till I hit my goal of 365! I’m trying to figure out what I’ll do for my last drawing but I can’t come up with anything… luckily I still have 20 days to go.
Oh yeah, and if you wanna check out my new Deviantart page click here. It is a gallery of just about everything I’ve done in the past year or two (I plan to add an old art section too though).

Thanks again everyone who follows and comments!

The King in Yellow (344)

I’ve been drawing/painting a lot of skulls recently. The King in Yellow is a book that I have been thinking about buying and reading so I put a crown above this skull and called it The King in Yellow. Simple.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a couple more people who have helped to make my blog what it is. The first person I wanted to thank is Darlene Steelman, she has the most comments on posts on my blog! She writes a blog called Sober Living. She describes it as follows: Sober Living – Life At Full Throttle is a writing blog crammed with stuff you may be interested in… or not. It’s a very cool blog, go check it out here.

The second person I wanted to thank is a recent follower. His name is LordByrum, he is an illustrator as well and I really enjoy his work. I especially like his illustration of a Crystal Pepsi can. You can check out his blog here.

Doomed (343)

I was playing Doom last night on Xbox 360, I know… I’m stuck in the 90’s. Oh well, it made me want to draw this guy.

I have drawn this guy a couple of times in the past but he is just so much fun to draw that I couldn’t resist.

Then, since I liked what I did with the Andy Reid drawing I did yesterday I decided to try something similar and made this:

I really like doing the comic book looking half tones for shadows. I think I’m going to try my hand at making my own Zip-A-Tone like patterns pretty soon too.

An Angry Man (342)

I don’t know much about sports, it was never my thing when I was growing up. I don’t follow much of what goes on… but I know that the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid has gone through a lot recently. I caught a bit of a story about him blowing up on the field the other day on the news. It is pretty understandable though after what he just went through. Tonight I decided to draw him.

Since it was 2am when I finished drawing this and I wasn’t tired after getting a second wind I decided to do more with the drawing. I had been meaning to mess around more with halftones and used them in the shadow areas in this illustration. I turned this out super quick, but I like the way it looks. Hope you do too!

Time for bed!

A Doodle (340)

I was up late last night painting a new skull and also drawing with my computer (the illustration I posted last night). I also ended up getting up real early today because my dog needed to go outside. I stayed up after that and was either going to watch TV, play video games or draw. Drawing won and here is my drawing for the day. It is just a doodle, hahahahahaha.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank one of my newer followers. His name is LordByrum and he has commented quite frequently since he started following. He is also an illustrator who’s work I really like (especially his crystal pepsi illustration), you can check out his work at Go on over there and show him some love!