That would buy a lot of beer! (325)

A little while back I drew an illustration about one of my favorite new “beer places” to visit, Tired Hands Brewery in Ardmore, PA. You can check out that post at this link. I felt like since I posted a drawing about that place that I should also post a drawing about another of my favorite bars that has been around a bit longer and has satisfied my craving for good beer for quite some time. Granted there beer isn’t anything like Tired Hands (The Oakmont Pub doesn’t brew their own beers), but it still is an awesome place and they always have something worth trying on tap. Their food is also awesome and that is the reason that I keep going back. Hopefully I’ll stop in there one night this weekend. Anyway here is the drawing I did today:

I’ve been really into drawing stripes recently. Not sure why, but I really like the way this drawing turned out. The Oakmont Pub itself is actually located in an old bank and the idea of the robber isn’t mine, it is a theme that they have had going since they opened up. You can check out their website here.


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