Thrift Store Junkie #11

It feels like it has been forever since I last posted a Thrift Store Junkie article, but in my defense I haven’t been out to many thrift stores or yard sales since probably the beginning of the summer. All that changed today though, and I think today was one of my best hauls I’ve ever had.

The first items I picked up aren’t anything to get super excited about. I was at a yard sale that had a ton of religious books and items and lots of family VHS and DVDs. On a shelf I saw these two NES Sesame Street games though and asked how much. The people said they were a dollar each, I asked if they would take fifty cents each and they said yes. I’m probably going to see if these are worth selling on e-bay and getting rid of them, but it was still awesome to find two complete in box NES games even if they are crappy games.

I had been actively looking to buy Star Fox Assault for about a month but every time I checked E-bay it would reach about thirty bucks each time it sold. I wasn’t about to pay that for a Gamecube game so I thought for sure I would never get a chance to try the game. I was so excited today when I found these four games. The guy selling them was charging three dollars for four games. I couldn’t turn that deal down so I snatched these four up. Don’t know if I will keep or play Pokemon XD or Lord of the Rings but I am super happy with getting Star Fox and Tony Hawk 3. I sold my copy of Tony Hawk 3 years ago and wished I never had, it is still my favorite game in the series.

One of the last yard sales that I went to today the people at the sale said “Everything is Free now, we are just going to donate everything to Goodwill tomorrow anyway”. I wasn’t sure I heard correctly so I had to confirm with them, and it was true. I snatched up this Pac Man plug and play game and a copy of Wii Sports. I already own Wii Sports, but I only had the copy that came with the Wii and that one didn’t have a box (it had a cardboard sleeve), so it was nice to find this free copy of the game. In the box was two pins for Club Nintendo, one for this game and another for Animal Crossing:City Folk!. I thought for sure the pins would have been used already, but I gave it a shot anyway. They worked! I got 30 points for Wii Sports and 20 points for Animal Crossing! The Pac Man plug and play is awesome as well. I have quite a collection of these plug and play games but this one seems to be the best so far. It has 12 games built in. The games are Pacman, Galaga, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Pole Position, Super Pam-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Pac and Pal, Xevious, Bosconian, New Rally X, and Mappy. All the other Plug and Play games that I own only have only have about 3 or 4 games built in. I am very happy to have found this and again it was made even sweeter because of the fact that it was free!

This is the item that made today the best yard sale day I think I’ve ever had.I saved this item for last but it was at one of the first sales I went to today. I found the projector sitting with a bunch of other computer items. There were relatively newer HD flatscreen monitors sitting around on the ground (I’d say there were 5 at least) with stickers on them for five dollars. Even though those were extremely cheap I assumed this wouldn’t be (it had no price tag). I was talking with my Mom and told her I wasn’t even gonna bother asking because I’m sure it would be more than I wanted to pay. She picked it up and walked over to the guy selling it and he said “Ummmmm… I payed three sixty for it last year, but I’d sell it for twenty bucks… or fifteen.” My Mom then asked if he would take ten and he said he could do fourteen. After he assured me that it worked I happily handed over the fourteen dollars. I got the projector home and hooked it up, it works perfectly! It is an HD projector and has HDMI as well as composite hook ups.

Here are some photos of me playing Tony Hawk 4 on Xbox using the projector. I took the photo in my basement and left the Toejam and Earl poster and electrical outlet in the way of the screen so you can get a feel for the size I had it at. I would say if I had a bigger room to use it in I could probably double the image.


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