The King in Yellow (344)

I’ve been drawing/painting a lot of skulls recently. The King in Yellow is a book that I have been thinking about buying and reading so I put a crown above this skull and called it The King in Yellow. Simple.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a couple more people who have helped to make my blog what it is. The first person I wanted to thank is Darlene Steelman, she has the most comments on posts on my blog! She writes a blog called Sober Living. She describes it as follows: Sober Living – Life At Full Throttle is a writing blog crammed with stuff you may be interested in… or not. It’s a very cool blog, go check it out here.

The second person I wanted to thank is a recent follower. His name is LordByrum, he is an illustrator as well and I really enjoy his work. I especially like his illustration of a Crystal Pepsi can. You can check out his blog here.


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