All Done! (365)

Wow, I have drawn something new every single day for 365 days for this blog. I loved every minute of it, it was a great experience. I must admit though I am super happy to be done. It frees up my time to work on other illustration and artwork.
I now present to you day 365. I kept it simple and did a banner for completing the project. Since I have been feeling very Halloween inspired as of late I kept with that theme.

I wasn’t sure what to do for day 365 and my friend Pat Woods said I should do a self portrait because people who follow this blog probably don’t know what I look like. Well, my wife had also been pestering me for quite awhile to draw her for this site as well. I always avoided drawing her because I didn’t think I would be able to make her look as beautiful as she looks in life. Well, I failed… she looks so much more amazing than the drawing I drew… but anyway here is a drawing of me and my wife. I couldn’t have finished this project without her support!

I am ready to take a break for a little while. I plan on posting about what I learned through doing this project and maybe a couple other things pretty soon. Please, anyone who wants to continue to follow my illustration/craft/artwork that I create can do so over at Now that this project is complete I will be posting quite a bit more than I had been over on that site.
Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog over the past year!


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