Chris Brown, Punk Rocker?!

Have you heard the joke about the rapper that wore the punk rock/metal jacket and hadn’t ever even heard of any of the bands that were on his jacket? No? Well it isn’t a joke. Unlike that Punk Rocker Lil Jon, I highly doubt Chris Brown knows anything about The Exploited, Cro-Mags, Municipal Waste or Suicidal Tendencies… but that are just a few of the bands that guy was rocking on his jacket the other day. Check out the photo here! Heck… maybe I’m wrong though, maybe the dude did sit in his house and draw all the band logos on his jacket with paint marker himself while listening to D.R.I. but again… I highly doubt it.

Wii U release night!

Illustration by Pat Henzy
For those that didn’t already know, tonight at midnight Nintendo releases their next console. The Wii U is completely sold out everywhere that offered pre-order options and anywhere you look online it is listed as sold out. There are tons of brave souls that are probably already setting up camp at stores all across the country at stores that are simply selling them as a first come first serve basis. Of course you can also always buy them from a 3rd party seller that will more than likely jack up the price a couple extra hundred dollars. I personally am just going to wait (maybe even until the price drops), even though it kills me a little bit to not be able to play a new Mario game. For the first time since the N64 released I won’t be getting a Nintendo console on launch day (sad face). Nintendo is offering two models, the white 8gb model for $299.99 and the black deluxe 32gb model for $349.99. Both models come with a gamepad, HDMI cable, sensor bar, and 2AC adapters (for both the console and gamepad). The deluxe model also throws in a Nintendoland game disk, gamepad cradle and a gamepad stand and console stand.

Let us know in the comments section if you are picking one up tonight, waiting till either a price drop or resupply or if you just simply have no desire to pick up a Wii U.

Death Rides a Horse

I went and saw Death Rides a Horse at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville last night. We both drew on the stubs from Return of the living Dead and we decided to do the same this time. My friend Colin and I have decided to make drawing on the ticket stubs part of our movie going experience at that theatre so here are our ticket stubs from the film. We didn’t impose any rules on ourselves so we will have complete freedom each time (for instance for Return of the Living Dead I drew on the ticket in pen and colored it in Photoshop, this time I did all the art in photoshop).
Colin completed his first this morning:

The main character, Bill, with only his head sticking out of the sand. Illustration by Colin Sidoti

I had been out at thrift stores most of the morning and didn’t get around to working on mine till tonight. Here it is:

Bill riding a horse. Illustration by Pat Henzy


There is a song by Dinosaur Jr. titled Drawerings. Thanks Dinosaur Jr., I always call art and illustrations in general drawerings because of you!
Anyway… here are some drawerings from various things that I have done recently.

Click to view larger images

Do you know that it’s alright?
I’ve been thinkin’, seein’ that’s not how it’s gotta be
Ain’t sayin’ if it’s worth the fight
I’m a space but you can count on me to save your place

And I know it’s all to do with you and me
Do you know if you’re against the deal, we’ll wait and see
But I’d love to hear that story once again
It’s the only part of me you still defend

Did you know I heard your voice?
But when I call to see if you’re around, I have no choice
Then the news is in my face
Took a step to let the feeling go and lost my place

And I swear I hear the same thing every night
Once again no one counted for the hours I spent
I baked as anytime I drifted out of sight
Remember when you didn’t need this time to mend

Anywhere you’d like to go
Would it help to be inside the life I couldn’t know?
If you’re shaken it won’t show
Hold out for me, ’cause bailin’ at this point is really low

And I know it’s all to do with just a friend
And I can’t decipher messages you send
But I’d love to hear that story once again
It’s the only part of me you still defend


Adventures of Batman and Robin

Illustration by Pat Henzy

Batman games have always been unfairly looked upon as some of the worst licensed video games of all time. Sure, there are a few real stinkers like Batman: Dark Tomorrow. Batman: Dark Tomorrow is almost certainly one of the worst games I have ever played in my entire life. Batman Forever on Genesis and SNES was a terrible game as well and probably one of the only 16 bit games with loading screens. However, there have been quite a few awesome games (not including the two most recent spectacular games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City). Batman Vengeance was great at the time of release, though it hasn’t aged all that well. Rise of Sin Tzu is a solid arcade style beat em’ up. Batman on NES was a super fun game to play although it didn’t always feel like you were playing a Batman game. One of my all time favorite games is Batman Returns on the SNES, it is an arcade style beat em’ up in which you get to play as Batman. In other words, it is the reason a younger me purchased a SNES. The Adventures of Batman and Robin for Genesis gets to be lumped in with the better Batman games.
The SNES and Genesis games are actually completely different (sadly I have yet to play the SNES game). The SNES game plays as a slow side scrolling beat em’ up in which you only can play as Batman.

The Genesis version of the game plays like a run and gun type game and it includes both Batman and Robin as playable characters. In a lot of ways the game reminds me of Gunstar Heroes (which just so happens to be one of my favorite Genesis games of all time). If you have never played Gunstar Heroes then you can think of this game as playing similar to Contra with a bit of beat ’em up thrown in. This game has some of the best graphics that I have seen in a Genesis game. At first you wouldn’t notice, because the first stage seems pretty bland… but it is all uphill from there with bright and colorful graphics (but only when they should be… Batman is still grey and dark and some of the backdrops are as well). The game is based on the animated series of the same name and it shows, the developers really did a fantastic job keeping the graphics similar to the TV show. The best thing about this game is the ability to play it with a friend. The game is extremely difficult, but if you are up to the challenge it is also extremely fun. After 6 days of playing the game I finally had to admit defeat and use a Game Genie in order to play through the full game. As I said earlier I have yet to play the SNES version of this game and a couple other Batman games. However, as of right now I would have to rank this game up at the top of the list under the Arkham series, Batman Returns on SNES and Batman Rise of Sin Tzu.
One of the better games in the long list of Batman games is Adventures of Batman and Robin on Sega Genesis. Whether you are a fan of Batman or not this is a solid and fun Genesis game to add to your collection (especially if you enjoy multiplayer games).

There is an old saying…

An illustration of these two dudes that have been on TV a lot recently. This was an illustration I had made about how both Romney and Obama support the NDAA and Kill List and that because of that they are both bad choices for America. I don’t really know how I personally stand when it comes to this, because I tend to believe that in the interest of national security maybe the government is withholding evidence. Either way though I think this turned out to be a pretty sweet illustration. I drew Barak Obama and Mitt Romney both as devils to illustrate the topic.