A bunch of stuff I never got around to posting here before (mostly video game related stuff). These were all used for various other websites. The first one was for a review of the game Silent Hill: Downpour (click on it to view it in the original size it was created for the review. The next one was used for an article about the release of the Wii U. Finally, the third one was for an article explaining the benefits of using component cables with the original Wii.

silenth-25 wii-u-50-percent wii2bcomp0011

What’s Going On?

My first entry of 2014. Go check out Thecrayonwar.com for all my other art, I’m going to stick with using this blog for my comic for the time being. I put so many rules and limitations on myself when doing my drawing a day project that it will be real nice to do something with no guidelines in place. Hope you enjoy the comic/journal!