There was a time that each and every one of us would draw, we would paint and we would create. Our weeks consisted of arts and crafts at school and our weekends consisted of doodling and coloring in coloring books(whether we colored inside or outside of the lines). What happened?


Did it stop being fun? Did we realize that it was a waste of our time? Are we just too old to be doing things like that?
I refuse to believe any of these, I know it didn’t stop being fun for me. Is it a waste of our time, no. Most people I know(including myself) spend most of their day parked in front of their TV and I’m sure that is a bigger waste of time(the least I can do is multi task while watching TV and draw at the same time). Are we too old? Geez, I hope not.

All in all I really don’t know the answer to the questions that I just asked, but part of the purpose of this site is to prove that we don’t need to stop. One drawing a day really doesn’t cut into a person’s time much at all. I plan to create my illustrations for this site during
lunch breaks, while waiting in line, while watching TV and basically any other time during the day that I can fit it in.

When I was young I remember simply drawing for the sake of drawing. Most of the time I would sit down with a pen and a few markers and get right to the creating. Nowadays I spend a good bit of my time brainstorming and sketching and then finally creating the work on my computer(whether its for myself or a client). This project is a way for me to get back to my roots and draw for the fun of it. I will be using nothing but a pen, a marker and sometimes some correction fluid. There will be no pencil used and any sketching(which will be minimal) will be done lightly with the pen.

I know that I am not the first to attempt a 365 day illustration project. David Litchfield just recently completed one and hearing about it was my main inspiration for starting my own. I have not looked at his site yet because I do not want it to effect what I decide to do on my site (but as soon as this project is complete I will immediately check his out). I am hoping that I am keeping my illustrations different enough that they can be relevant. I have decided to use only a ballpoint pen, a marker and on occasion some correction fluid. I also plan to incorporate “theme” weeks into my project.

I have tons of influences for this project and they differ quite a bit from my regular illustration influences. My influences and inspiration for this project have been David Litchfield, Lynda Barry, Raymond Pettibon and Daniel Johnston. Of course there are other, but these are all I could think of at the moment.

To quote a None More Black song:
“No one will know how crazy I am, till all the dumb ideas that I have end up on the shelf” Well, this is one way for me to get my ideas out there.

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  1. I like your blog. I want to be an illustrator for my own childrens books. Could you plese tell me how you started? Your drawings are really good šŸ™‚

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