Cyborg Superman (358)

Got up really early today and worked on this. Took a little under a half an hour for the drawing and then 2 hrs in Photoshop. It shouldn’t have taken that long except I was taking it in one direction and then changed it up to look more like a faux woodcut in the last hour or so.

90’s comics are my favorite era and I have a huge love for them. Cyborg Superman came about during The Death and Return of Superman story lines. I have been making a bunch of coasters of him recently and that is why I felt like drawing him.
Hope you enjoy!

Crafting (357)

Just learned about this stuff yesterday… it is great! I made these 2 beer coasters yesterday with it. I used old electrical covers, paper I cut out of old duplicate comics, Mod Podge, Waterproof sealer and felt feet. One is the cyborg Superman from the 90’s and the other is Knightwing from the Batman comics.

The good guys (311)

I read an article today about how Christian Bale visited the victims in the hospital. It made me really like the guy a lot. Here is the article that I read. It really bothered me that someone could go into a theatre and do something like the gunman had done. Two of the things that I have loved for my entire life have been going to movie theaters and Batman. The gunman really ruined both of these for me. I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, and sadly if this hadn’t occurred I would have seen the movie by now. Last Friday I posted a drawing of Batman and left out saying anything about this tragedy, but I really had a hard time putting my anger and frustration about the event to words. How someone could desecrate the idea of what Batman has always stood for and take innocent lives eluded me. It hurt, and it still does. It is nice to know that there are good people out there as well and it was very nice of Mr. Bale to do what he did. Christian Bale is a good guy, but of course the real heroes were the police/emergency responders. This morning I drew this picture of Christian Bale:

I decided that it didn’t look quite right so I decided to do a bit more with it on my computer. Here is what I turned out:

300th post! (300)

I drew todays drawing with my left hand, except for the first panel in which I’m saying that I’m gonna start drawing with my left hand. My hand doesn’t actually hurt, but I thought it would make for a slightly humorous comic. I was gonna have myself talking to Abe Lincoln but then last minute I changed it into this skeleton guy, I probably should have drawn Abe though (Oh well). I am excited that I have reached 300 days of drawing, like I’ve said before this has been a ton of fun but I’d like to devote more of my time to more lengthy projects and doing a drawing a day no matter how small really does cut into my other work. I only have 65 more days to go!

Teamwork (299)

My dog woke me up at 4:30 this morning to go outside and do his business. After I came back in I could’t get back to sleep so I drew this. It is a drawing of Wolverine, Ghost Rider and The Punisher teaming up.