There is an old saying…

An illustration of these two dudes that have been on TV a lot recently. This was an illustration I had made about how both Romney and Obama support the NDAA and Kill List and that because of that they are both bad choices for America. I don’t really know how I personally stand when it comes to this, because I tend to believe that in the interest of national security maybe the government is withholding evidence. Either way though I think this turned out to be a pretty sweet illustration. I drew Barak Obama and Mitt Romney both as devils to illustrate the topic.

An Angry Man (342)

I don’t know much about sports, it was never my thing when I was growing up. I don’t follow much of what goes on… but I know that the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid has gone through a lot recently. I caught a bit of a story about him blowing up on the field the other day on the news. It is pretty understandable though after what he just went through. Tonight I decided to draw him.

Since it was 2am when I finished drawing this and I wasn’t tired after getting a second wind I decided to do more with the drawing. I had been meaning to mess around more with halftones and used them in the shadow areas in this illustration. I turned this out super quick, but I like the way it looks. Hope you do too!

Time for bed!

The good guys (311)

I read an article today about how Christian Bale visited the victims in the hospital. It made me really like the guy a lot. Here is the article that I read. It really bothered me that someone could go into a theatre and do something like the gunman had done. Two of the things that I have loved for my entire life have been going to movie theaters and Batman. The gunman really ruined both of these for me. I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, and sadly if this hadn’t occurred I would have seen the movie by now. Last Friday I posted a drawing of Batman and left out saying anything about this tragedy, but I really had a hard time putting my anger and frustration about the event to words. How someone could desecrate the idea of what Batman has always stood for and take innocent lives eluded me. It hurt, and it still does. It is nice to know that there are good people out there as well and it was very nice of Mr. Bale to do what he did. Christian Bale is a good guy, but of course the real heroes were the police/emergency responders. This morning I drew this picture of Christian Bale:

I decided that it didn’t look quite right so I decided to do a bit more with it on my computer. Here is what I turned out:

Denied (307)

I read an article recently about Latin Americans that are being denied entry to the US because officials are assuming that tattoos mean they are involved in gang related activity. People with no criminal convictions are being turned down for green cards and residency. You can read the whole article here.

Ever since I read the article I wanted to draw something related to it. None of the tattoos I threw on this illustration have any gang meanings or anything, I just put a bunch of nonsense tattoos on this guy.

I liked the idea of this drawing so much that I did a little more with it and colored it up in photoshop:

I can see where the US government is coming from trying to keep gang members out of the US, but having quite a few tattoos myself I see the individuals side of the story as well. Most of the people being denied probably are not gang members and just got the tattoos because they liked the look of them.