At the fork in the road I split myself into two…

I feel like I have been neglecting this website and unfortunately it is true… the fact that I have both this website and my pen and marker website that I try to keep running (even though I finished my 365 days of drawing a while back) sometimes I’m not sure which page to post things to. On top of that that I also started a Tumblr page called Mega 8 just for my video game related artwork, so it ends up being a lot of work to keep up with everything that I have going on(but I still love working on all of the sites that I run). Oh well… I will make up for it by updating you with some of the things that I have been up to lately.

First, tonight my wife and I donated artwork to a great cause. We donated to the Music for the Arts Benefit that is held in our hometown. You can read all about the night here.

I also had the honor of being part of the Megaman Boss Battle Tribute which is happening currently online and in March in San Francisco at Gauntlet Gallery.
There are a ton of awesome artists involved in the show (including Ashley Davis who is one of my favorites). You can check out the Megaman Boss Battle here.

Here is my piece from the show, Copy X from the Megaman Zero series.
I decided to take Copy X in a direction that I didn’t think everyone would expect. I think all in all it turned out pretty awesome.

I have also been working with a super awesome company who we all know and love who rents out movies. Its just in the planning stages and kind of supposed to be kept under wraps but I can’t wait till the project comes to completion so that I can share the end result.



There is a song by Dinosaur Jr. titled Drawerings. Thanks Dinosaur Jr., I always call art and illustrations in general drawerings because of you!
Anyway… here are some drawerings from various things that I have done recently.

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Do you know that it’s alright?
I’ve been thinkin’, seein’ that’s not how it’s gotta be
Ain’t sayin’ if it’s worth the fight
I’m a space but you can count on me to save your place

And I know it’s all to do with you and me
Do you know if you’re against the deal, we’ll wait and see
But I’d love to hear that story once again
It’s the only part of me you still defend

Did you know I heard your voice?
But when I call to see if you’re around, I have no choice
Then the news is in my face
Took a step to let the feeling go and lost my place

And I swear I hear the same thing every night
Once again no one counted for the hours I spent
I baked as anytime I drifted out of sight
Remember when you didn’t need this time to mend

Anywhere you’d like to go
Would it help to be inside the life I couldn’t know?
If you’re shaken it won’t show
Hold out for me, ’cause bailin’ at this point is really low

And I know it’s all to do with just a friend
And I can’t decipher messages you send
But I’d love to hear that story once again
It’s the only part of me you still defend



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This weeks topic over at Illustration Friday was Faded. It works out well because I just finished up an illustration for an article about Facebook and how it is slowly dying. On top of that I feel like the public’s faith in banks and the stock market continues to fade. At a time like this things like what Mark Zuckerberg pulled are not helping public opinion at all.