Bonus Ghost (42)

So Ghost Week was officially over yesterday, but since tomorrow is Halloween and I still had ghosts on my mind I drew another one. Also, over on the theme for the week is Scary so I’ll be submitting this to that website today as well. Here is todays illustration:

I also did another illustration for “IF” over on my website, here is the link to the illustration I did for that site: GHOULIE!

If you like 80s horror movies you should probably know what I based the illustration off of. I promise this is the last ghost you will see on this site, at least for a while.


Ghost Explosion (41)

When I started this I was only going to do the one ghost in the center, but from there I just kept adding and adding. It’s Saturday after all so I had more time to mess with this than I do with most of my illustrations. It wasn’t until after I finished the illustration that it reminded me of the scene in Ghostbusters where Walter Peck shuts down the Ghostbusters containment unit and all the ghosts go free. Anyway, here is the final illustration for ghost week…

Are you Real? (35)

I have decided to draw a ghost a day for this week (Sun-next Sat), so if all goes well(which it should) I’ll have 7 ghosts done by next Saturday. Here is the first one: