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I just got back from vacationing in Wildwood,NJ. The topic for Illustration Friday topic Suspend this week! Although I didn’t see any seagulls steal quite this much food I’m sure it has happened to someone at some point. This seagull loves to steal pizza!


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This week over at the topic is “Hitched”.
I decided to re-interpret a drawing I had made previously.
I based the piece on a drawing I did a little less than a year ago for my blog You can see the original drawing here. I drew that illustration for my 2 year wedding anniversary. I have been trying to keep my work simple and I think I accomplished that with this peice. I am also happy that I made this illustration in about an hour and a half and am still going to get to bed before 11:30pm!


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I got a new computer and it took me a little while till I got a new copy of CS5 (since my old CS3 wouldn’t run on the newer macs). Anyway, it’s been awhile since I did anything for Illustration Friday so I thought that would be my first project to work on. I kept it real simple for this illustration, and made a cityscape with water in front. It would work pretty well as a album cover or something along those lines I think. Anyway, if you’d like to see more of my artwork go check out my gallery or where I draw and post something everyday for 365 days, I’m on # 217 today!


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Here is another illustration that I did for the website This week the topic over on the page was Yield. I tried to do something a little different this time, so instead of doing a digital illustration I decided to make the illustration using acrylic paint, markers and colored pencils. Hope you enjoy!


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This week’s Illustration Friday word was “Intention”. My intention is to paint more this summer. I drew a man standing in front of his easel after painting a sky scene. I had him thinking unhappy thoughts because he isn’t happy with his own work, which is something I think a lot of artists can relate to. His intention was to create something maybe a little different than what he ended up creating. I also wasn’t sure what to put on his t-shirt but I finally decided on Keith Haring’s Golden Child(at least I think that is what it is titled). Hope you all like it!


This weeks word at was capable. I decided to keep this weeks illustration simple and drew up a muscled and capable arm flexing.

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I did try something new with this illustration though, I took a white piece of paper and splattered some black paint on it. After that was done I let the paper dry and then scanned it. In Photoshop I removed the white so that all but the black was transparent. Next I imported the splatters in over the background. Finally I turned down the opacity, and what you see above is the final image after tweaking it a bit.


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This week’s If topic is Twirl, I have been drawing quite a bunch of things recently so I thought I would do something quickly for this week. I got Twirl mixed up with Swirl, but they are basically the same thing. My favorite ice cream is vanilla and orange swirl… so I drew one! It’s funny, recently all I have been posting on this site has been related to food in one way or another.


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This week over at IF the topic was prepare. This morning I was eating frosted mini wheats and realized that I was preparing myself for the day ahead. I decided to sit down and make this illustration real quick for this week’s IF submission.
Hope you like!


The topic for this week over at “IF” was Highlight. I could really only think of one thing to do for highlight and that would be to draw a highlighter(which is probably what I will do for my other site sometime this week). After awhile I started to think that making a lighthouse might be cool so I took that idea and ran with it. I decided to keep this illustration simple and fun. I hope you like it!

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