Blood Money at Sto’s

Got a chance to throw up the Blood Money skull at Sto’s Old City Beer Garden in Old City Philly yesterday. Been 16 years since I picked up a spray can but I’m happy with the end result.


Here are a couple pics I found on Instagram of people chilling in front of the piece:

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 8.14.46 AM

Also, since I always love when other artists post their #WIP shots I will as well:

I want to do more of this kind of stuff now, anyone have a blank wall I could borrow?



Music for the Arts

My wife and I donated a bunch of art for the Music for the Arts Benefit that is held each year in our home town.

From the website: “The Music For The Arts Concert and Benefit held each year is dedicated to the life and memory of Christina Marie Cullen. She was a gifted photographer, artist and musician who had her life taken by breast cancer. She was only 25 when she was diagnosed and passed away at the young age of 28. We hold this concert in her honor and hope to inspire future photographers, artists and musicians to keep creating as she had.
Proceeds from the concert will go toward an award in her name to University of the Arts for Photography. Additional proceeds will be donated towards breast cancer research and awareness in her name.”

This is the first year that I had donated for this great event. I had met the guy who runs the Benefit this past year and he is a super nice guy, who also happened to be Christina’s brother. I hope to be able to donate something for them to raffle off every year going forward.

Here are some photos of the artwork we donated and the tickets piling up:

Unfortunatly we were both feeling a little under the weather and couldn’t make it out to the event. I had people I know who were there send me those two photos. It makes me happy to see that there was an interest in our paintings and that we could help out someone who is doing such a great thing.

Here is a clearer photo of the skulls that I painted before they were sent off to be donated:

If you would like to find out more about Music for the Arts please check out their website.

An Angry Man (342)

I don’t know much about sports, it was never my thing when I was growing up. I don’t follow much of what goes on… but I know that the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid has gone through a lot recently. I caught a bit of a story about him blowing up on the field the other day on the news. It is pretty understandable though after what he just went through. Tonight I decided to draw him.

Since it was 2am when I finished drawing this and I wasn’t tired after getting a second wind I decided to do more with the drawing. I had been meaning to mess around more with halftones and used them in the shadow areas in this illustration. I turned this out super quick, but I like the way it looks. Hope you do too!

Time for bed!

Time for beer? (315)

This past Saturday I was introduced to a new Brewery by my friend Pat Woods. I went with my wife, my brother in law, my friend Pat and his girlfriend. Other than Iron Hill there wasn’t really a local brewery in our area, well not until Tired Hands set up shop. I was a little worried about not liking the place at first because I heard that their food options were very limited. However, after I got there and started drinking I found their food options to be pretty awesome. We tried the Duck Prosciutto and the Sopressata. Both choices were awesome. We also had two of their sandwiches, the Hammy Mammy Sammy(a ham and cheese sandwich) and the Lancaster Bologna and cheese. Both were pretty amazing, much better than I am making them sound (go read the description on their menu page and you’ll see what I mean). Ok, lets talk about their beer now. It is great F’n beer! I tried their Hop Hands, Lil’ Lady, Hellcurse, and their A Long Way (to brew) an IPA. They are all very drinkable and tasty beers but I eventually settled on Hop Hands and had a couple more. I regret that I didn’t get to try their Hop-A-Tact which is named in honor of the Philadelphia punk rock band Kid Dynamite. I didn’t see it on the list at the time though. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I think I’m gonna go back and get a growler of it this week.

I loved Tired Hands so much I decided to draw this as a sort of Thank You to the brewery for making such awesome beer. They probably really did have tired hands after serving us beer all night!