Here is a new acrylic painting that I just finished up. My scanner chopped a little bit from both sides (more-so the right side though). Poor Owl!


I think I stumbled upon something awesome with these floating heads with the bones sticking out. Hahahahahahahahaha.

I also joined a local artists group in my town called the Media Arts Council. Here is their link: M*A*C, hopefully I can get a couple new shows through this over the next year or so!


Owl Sight

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This weeks Illustration Friday topic was “Sight”, I had an old book cover laying around so I made this with acrylic and markers. For this one you really have to click on it to see it correctly. It is really tiny on this page otherwise.
Hope you like!

Research (226)

This Saturday there is going to be a super moon. It should be a good time to sit out in your back yard and have a cookout or drink a beer because the moon should light everything up real nice. I plan to get some nice photos of the moon. This owl is doing research about super moons before Saturday. Hope you enjoy it!

One more time (217)

Here is another owl that I drew. I named the title “One more time” because I’ve drawn quite a few owls for this project so far. I can’t promise it will be the last one either, I really love drawing owls.

La Nuit Porte Conseil (209)

I based this owl slightly off of a design on a door to the interior of the bronze figures of Minerva and the Bell Ringers.

I also did a couple of other things today. It was a beautiful day in Philadelphia today(getting close to 80 degrees I believe). I painted a hand giving the peace sign.

I also finished cutting a couple of stencils today and made my TV/VCR/video game stand a little less boring.

It was a pretty awesome and productive day for me today. I really love warm weather, and I’m super glad the summer is almost here.

Night Owl (86)

Here is an owl that I drew tonight, it’s kinda funny. I did a painting of this awhile ago but didn’t do a drawing of it until tonight… kinda worked backwards I guess. Here is the painting I made a few months back:

I painted this with acrylic on an old book cover.

The end of summer

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The leaves are all falling off the trees and winter is just about to begin. I hate the winter, don’t get me wrong I love the holidays and all the festivity… I just freeze out in the cold.
Here is a small acrylic owl painting that I did, I tried to keep it very yellow and washed out looking because as summer fades away it takes all the color with it. I treated the acrylic like I would if I were using watercolor. When I see other peoples artwork I like to see the process. I figure it is only fair to do the same some of the time when I am posting my work. Here is the original sketch I did on the canvas after I filled in a background color:

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Going back even further, here is the drawing I did for my blog which was when I came up with the original idea(at the time I wasn’t even thinking about turning it into a painting):