Death Comes Ripping

I was listening to the Misfits a couple nights ago and Death Comes Ripping came on. I put this illustration together, the song always reminded me of some kind of a winged death swooping down. I put the design up on my shop. You can buy it on all kinds of things like pillows/shirts etc. There is also FREE SHIPPING until August 10th at midnight!


A Very Punk Rock Halloween

It’s almost Halloween! Well, a month away… but still, close enough. My wife wanted me to cut a Jack-o-lantern but she wanted something different. She said “Hey, how about the Misfits Fiend Skull?”. Now, I knew this was impossible because you can’t make it as a one piece stencil so how could you cut a pumpkin into the Fiend Skull???

Well, I decided it was going to happen no matter what. I said “Yeah, sure…no problem!” She went and got me a foam pumpkin from AC Moore while I sat at home trying to figure how I was going to pull this one off.

Well… I’m happy to say it all worked out in the end. ¬†Below you will find the finished product.


It was actually a lot easier than I expected it to be. I suspended the nose on a piece of brake line for a car. I cut the brake line down to size and suspended the nose on it. I originally thought I would also have to suspend the brake line or create a bracket underneath in a T shape, but since the brake line and foam nose are both so lightweight just attaching it to the back and securing it was enough. I think it turned out pretty rad if I do say so myself.

I know I don’t normally post crafts on this blog (though I do make them quite regularly), but I felt that this really fits the theme of this site quite nicely.

While I’m posting crafts I might as well post something else that I recently made for my house. ¬†Below you will find our new door mat.



I stole the idea from Fat Mike though! I saw it while my wife and I were watching The Other F Word on Netflix Instant streaming. It’s a pretty fun documentary if your in to the whole punk rock thing. Anyway, thanks for checking out my stuff! See you next time!


Here is a new acrylic painting that I just finished up. My scanner chopped a little bit from both sides (more-so the right side though). Poor Owl!


I think I stumbled upon something awesome with these floating heads with the bones sticking out. Hahahahahahahahaha.

I also joined a local artists group in my town called the Media Arts Council. Here is their link: M*A*C, hopefully I can get a couple new shows through this over the next year or so!


Anthem for a new Tommorow

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Here is one of my favorite album covers that I decided to “re-make” or cover. I used a photo of the moon landing US flag and Elijah Wood from the film Everything is Illuminated. I don’t normally do stuff like this (working with existing images/collage), but I felt that in this case it worked pretty well. I included a pretty large file if you click on the cover so that you can download and use it in your iTunes collection. I plan to do many more of these so keep an eye out for more! Hope you enjoy!

Face Maker

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There was a game for the TI-99 that I used to own called Facemaker, I used to love playing this game all day long. It was very simple, but you could make endless (or it felt endless at the time) combinations of faces. It’s still a ton of fun to make random faces. I drew these faces on the covers of old books and then picked what I wanted the characters to say afterwards. The first guy looked like he was waking up from a nightmare and for the second guy I picked a qoute from a Dead Kennedys song. Hope you like!


My brother-in-law, my wife and I are in the band Seltzer. It’s really just the two of us and anyone else that is around who feels like they want to sing. We have a few songs from our first single titled “Sandwich Single + Sides” over on
We have been kicking around the idea of putting out a full album soon and calling it “Real Big Dish”. I sat down and made a cover for the album tonight, it was a good practice for me because I’ve been thinking that I want to do more “Punk Rock”(Or at least what I interpret that to be) style artwork which is something I’ve gotten away from over the past few years. Someone over on my other blog ( referred to this style as grungy, and I’m OK with that too. Basically I just like the idea of simplifying some of my illustration work back down to its most basic elements, and I think I achieved this with this illustration.
Anyway, here is the insert for the album:

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Here is a version of the logo that I messed around with tonight too:

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Also, here is the full cover from the “Sandwich” single we put out:

Click images to view larger

Teenage Obsessions

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This weeks “IF” word was Obsession, I had a hard time at first coming up with an idea. Then this popped into my head. I remember an 80’s horror movie in which the main character was obsessed with horror movies/props. Although I can’t remember which movie it was (or what the kid looked like), this was my inspiration. For a little while I was thinking about doing it as a self portrait, but I realized that I would have wanted to do add Batman, Superman and a few other comic heroes as well as some video game characters or systems. I realized that didn’t work as well as the sci-fi/horror movie kid. Looking back now, I kinda wish I put a movie reel or something on his shirt instead of the skull (although I do like how the skull turned out).

20 Eyes

Here is something that I painted for fun over the past 2 days:

(My scanner made it look a little different than it really looks, pulled more of the yellows out that you normally wouldn’t see. I think it still looks pretty cool though)

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(Acrylic on 9″x12″ canvas Panel)

20 eyes in my head
20 eyes in my head
They’re all the same, they’re all the same

When you’re seeing 20 things at a time
You just can’t slow things down, baby
When you’re seeing 20 things in your mind
Just can’t slow things down

Then all those eyes
They’re just crowding up your human face
Then all those eyes
Take an overload

-The Misfits (20 eyes)