Thrift Store Junkie #13


Hey Everybody! Sorry that it has been so long since I have posted a Thrift Store Junkie post, but the picking has been pretty slim up until recently. I live in Pennsylvania and during the winter months there simply are no yard sales or flea markets. Well, thankfully the dry spell has ended. First up I will mention a couple of Goodwill finds that I picked up over the past couple of months and then I will dive into the flea market/yard sale finds.
I picked up Mega Bomberman at Goodwill about a month ago from Goodwill. The Bomberman games are one of my favorite game series so it was really nice to find this. I picked the game up for 2 or 3 dollars, I remember for sure. The game is great although it is pretty similar to Bomberman ’94 on the Turbografix which I already own(not the actual HuCard but I do own it on the Wii’s Virtual Console), actually it is pretty much the same game. If you have ever played a Bomberman game then you know how this game plays, and they are all fantastic games (At least I think so). Although the weekend ┬áthat I picked this game up I had a multitude of chores to get completed I still found 3 hours to burn playing this game. I don’t regret it for a second.
Also about a month ago I picked up Chrono Cross for PS1. I picked the game up for 2 dollars. I have yet to play the game much, but I have heard great things about the game. Unfortunatly I have quite a backlog of RPG’s to play though. I am very excited to start this game because I loved Chrono Trigger on the SNES. I am currently playing Legend of Legia on PS1 and also Blue Dragon on Xbox 360.
The best pick up I had so far this season though is these 4 Playstation games that I picked up. I had been looking for Jersey Devil and Team Buddies for a very long time. I have never played Team Buddies but I know that it can go quite high on E-bay and Amazon. Jersey Devil didn’t get the greatest reviews at the time that it was released, but I remember playing the demo of this game close to 50 or so times. As far as I am concerned it is a classic. Crash Bash is of course a Crash Bandicoot game. The twist is that it plays more like a Mario Party game. I remember renting this game when it first came out and not being to happy with it, but at the time I was expecting a standard Crash Bandicoot game. Now that I know better I am excited to give the game a second chance. My sisters and I used to love playing Bomberman World and Crash Bandicoot Racing on PS1 with the PS1 Multitap. I have 3 sisters so we had many nights that we all sat around my TV and played. Though we no longer all live in the same house I still love the idea of owning multiplayer party games for each of my systems, so both Team Buddies and Crash Bash were awesome finds just because of this. Finally we come to Re-Loaded, not a great game but one that I spent many hours playing when I first got my PS1. I had traded the game in later though to get something else and have been wanting to find another copy ever since, so it was pretty awesome to find a copy for 2 bucks. This will actually probably be the first game I play when I sit down tonight to try these games out.
Last but not least though, I also picked up a copy of Wii Sports Resort at a Church Rummage sale. I payed 5 dollars for the game, which is normally more than I would pay for a Wii game at a Flea Market (unless of course I found any of the Operation Rainfall games or a select few other games missing from my collection) but I had been looking for this for awhile and didn’t want to spend full price for it (Gamestop is still selling new copies for $39.99 and used copies for $29.99). The game had no case but also by some strange twist also had no wear or scratches. I picked up a case that had Math Blaster for PC in it (but no backing artwork) and discarded the Math Blaster and popped my game in and hurriedly rushed over to pay for the game and go home to try it out.


Thrift Store Junkie #12

Hi Everybody! I was trying to hold off on posting another Thrift Store Junkie until I had possibly found a few more items worth a post, but it seems that the flea markets and yard sales are once again drying up (in more ways than one). In Pennsylvainia it is starting to get a little colder, and that means that the sales stop till next season. But on top of that the few sales that I have made it out to have been relatively weak. I did pick up a couple of awesome things over the past month or so though and I will share them now.

I picked up Legend of Legaia at Goodwill for $3.00, I played the demo for this game way back when it was first released and always wanted to get my hands on a copy. The disc looks brand new as does the case and instruction booklet. Score! I was able to haggle a seller at a local flea market to let me have Crazy Taxi and South Park Rally for Dreamcast for $3.00 for both. SHe originally was asking $2.00 each. Both disk are in great condition, unfortunately the Crazy Taxi case has a crack on the front and back. I love Crazy Taxi and was really disappointed by the Xbox Live Arcade version, taking Bad Religion and The Offspring off of the soundtrack really changes the game. It really doesn’t feel right without their songs in the game.
I also picked up Rodney Mullen Vs Daewon Song for a quarter! I never saw this film though I had wanted to for years and years. It still stands up well, both skateboarders are amazing at what they do.

I also picked these 5 albums up at a local flea market for $1.00. I was originally going to try to make bowls out of the final, but I like the music on a few of these so I might keep them around.

Anyway, thats it. Sorry it was such a short one, hopefully I’ll be able to make it up next time!

Thrift Store Junkie #11

It feels like it has been forever since I last posted a Thrift Store Junkie article, but in my defense I haven’t been out to many thrift stores or yard sales since probably the beginning of the summer. All that changed today though, and I think today was one of my best hauls I’ve ever had.

The first items I picked up aren’t anything to get super excited about. I was at a yard sale that had a ton of religious books and items and lots of family VHS and DVDs. On a shelf I saw these two NES Sesame Street games though and asked how much. The people said they were a dollar each, I asked if they would take fifty cents each and they said yes. I’m probably going to see if these are worth selling on e-bay and getting rid of them, but it was still awesome to find two complete in box NES games even if they are crappy games.

I had been actively looking to buy Star Fox Assault for about a month but every time I checked E-bay it would reach about thirty bucks each time it sold. I wasn’t about to pay that for a Gamecube game so I thought for sure I would never get a chance to try the game. I was so excited today when I found these four games. The guy selling them was charging three dollars for four games. I couldn’t turn that deal down so I snatched these four up. Don’t know if I will keep or play Pokemon XD or Lord of the Rings but I am super happy with getting Star Fox and Tony Hawk 3. I sold my copy of Tony Hawk 3 years ago and wished I never had, it is still my favorite game in the series.

One of the last yard sales that I went to today the people at the sale said “Everything is Free now, we are just going to donate everything to Goodwill tomorrow anyway”. I wasn’t sure I heard correctly so I had to confirm with them, and it was true. I snatched up this Pac Man plug and play game and a copy of Wii Sports. I already own Wii Sports, but I only had the copy that came with the Wii and that one didn’t have a box (it had a cardboard sleeve), so it was nice to find this free copy of the game. In the box was two pins for Club Nintendo, one for this game and another for Animal Crossing:City Folk!. I thought for sure the pins would have been used already, but I gave it a shot anyway. They worked! I got 30 points for Wii Sports and 20 points for Animal Crossing! The Pac Man plug and play is awesome as well. I have quite a collection of these plug and play games but this one seems to be the best so far. It has 12 games built in. The games are Pacman, Galaga, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Pole Position, Super Pam-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Pac and Pal, Xevious, Bosconian, New Rally X, and Mappy. All the other Plug and Play games that I own only have only have about 3 or 4 games built in. I am very happy to have found this and again it was made even sweeter because of the fact that it was free!

This is the item that made today the best yard sale day I think I’ve ever had.I saved this item for last but it was at one of the first sales I went to today. I found the projector sitting with a bunch of other computer items. There were relatively newer HD flatscreen monitors sitting around on the ground (I’d say there were 5 at least) with stickers on them for five dollars. Even though those were extremely cheap I assumed this wouldn’t be (it had no price tag). I was talking with my Mom and told her I wasn’t even gonna bother asking because I’m sure it would be more than I wanted to pay. She picked it up and walked over to the guy selling it and he said “Ummmmm… I payed three sixty for it last year, but I’d sell it for twenty bucks… or fifteen.” My Mom then asked if he would take ten and he said he could do fourteen. After he assured me that it worked I happily handed over the fourteen dollars. I got the projector home and hooked it up, it works perfectly! It is an HD projector and has HDMI as well as composite hook ups.

Here are some photos of me playing Tony Hawk 4 on Xbox using the projector. I took the photo in my basement and left the Toejam and Earl poster and electrical outlet in the way of the screen so you can get a feel for the size I had it at. I would say if I had a bigger room to use it in I could probably double the image.

Thrift Store Junkie #10

It has been awhile since I have posted anything under the Thrift Store Junkie banner, but the winter where I live means there are no more yard sales and flea markets. This is going to be a quick post as I have yet to play any of the games in the post and there are not that many items this time. I also doubt that I will have much of anything cool to post for Thrift Store Junkie till March or so. Anyway, on to the meat of the post…

I picked up these 3 items at a Goodwill store about a month ago. Spiderman on DVD was $2.00 and the other two games were $3.00. Hard Drivin’ for Sega Genesis is a game that I have always wanted to own. It’s not the best game in the world, but I have a soft spot for all racing games. I remember playing this game in the arcades and loving it to death, it was the closest thing to driving a real car that I was going to get back when I was about half the size I am nowadays. The other game that I picked up was Aladdin for Sega Genesis. Back in the day Disney made some kick ass video games, almost everything they pumped out during the Genesis and SNES days rocked. The animation and sound was always some of the best any 3rd party developer was pumping out. They even put out some good stuff on the PS1, but after that it was hit or miss for them. Some games were good, some not so much. I played a lot of this game when I was young and I can’t wait to try it out again(probably next weekend).

Last weekend I went with my parents to a Goodwill store near their house and my Mom picked me up these two games. I have never played The Godfather or The Sopranos for PS2 but I plan on sitting down with my brother-in-law sometime soon and checking these both out(an hopefully playing through both of them). The Sopranos game was still wrapped and it was only $3! From looking through the instruction manuals and looking at the back of the boxes I am most excited to play The Godfather, but I’m hoping that both turn out to be good games.

Thats it for this update, sorry that it was a little short. I plan to post another Thrift Store Junkie post again in March or later.

Thrift Store Junkie #9

With the winter on its way flea markets and yard sales start to dry up. Thats OK with me though because I hate being out in the cold. Even though I haven’t been to a flea market or yard sal in awhile I was able to find a couple pieces of AWESOME at my local Goodwill. I have owned a Sega Master System for many years, but I have never owned any good games for the system. I always come across the Great line of sports games (Great Baseball, Great Soccer etc) for way too much money. I have been looking for R-type, Ghosts and Goblins, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon and a few other games since I got the system. Well I finally came across a couple of awesome games. I picked up R-Type, Shinobi and World Gran Prix for $2.00 each. World Gran Prix isn’t that great of a game, but I really enjoy racing games so I had to pick it up. The other two, R-Type and Shinobi were absolutly worth the $2.00. I have played R-Type multiple times since I got it(which was only last weekend).

That was all that I came across recently but my brother-in-law picked up an awesome Game Gear set that one of his co-workers gave to him. His co-worker was planning to throw the whole thing away!

It came in a carrying case with the following games:

The games are Taz in escape from Mars, Sonic 2, World Series Baseball, NBA Jam and Arcade Classics.

The Game Gear becomes a little less portable once you strap this monster on to it!

The Game Gear also came with an AC adapter and the Super Wide Gear attachment(which is just a huge magnifying glass).
I must admit I am jealous, my Game Gear is black and I always liked the Blue Game Gear system a lot more. His Game Gear works perfectly(another reason I am jealous since mine has a few dead pixels). He also got all the instruction booklets included:

I really like the little illustration of the Game Gear in the Sega Game Gear Instruction Manual. Here are two pages from the inside of the booklet:

Click image to view larger

Thrisft Store Junkie #8

Score! I finally own a Super Nintendo! I own 5 Sega Genesis systems but for whatever reason I had always had a hard time coming across a nice looking Super Nintendo. Over the summer I came across a very yellowed SNES at a flea market and almost dropped $35.00 on it. I’m glad I decided against that because about a month ago my Mom came to my house with a box and told me she paid $5.00 for the whole thing. She knew I had been looking for a SNES for a very long time. I opened the box and it contained not only an SNES but also the following games:
NHL 95, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Street Fighter 2, Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim 2, Maximum Carnage, Super Mario All Stars + World and Blackthorn.

I hooked up the SNES right away and it worked flawlessly! It also looked better than my Wii hooked up to my HDTV (I have Mario All-Stars for Wii and for whatever reason it has black bars on either side of the play area, on SNES it doesn’t do this it just stretches out. I don’t get why the Wii disk version of Mario All-Stars does this since the Virtual Console games don’t do this).

Two weekends ago I also picked up the following at the Delaware County Community College flea market:

I paid $1.00 for Rise of the Silver Surfer and the 3rd Lord of the Rings film (It was the only one out of the trilogy I didn’t yet own). Ridge Racer 5 for PS2 was also $1.00 and I paid $2.00 each for Civil War and Battlefield 2 for Xbox 360.
I also came across a copy of The Big Book of Hell by Matt Groening. I paid $2.00 for this and it was absolutely worth it, I love Groening’s older stuff(before Simpsons).

We just had our first snow on Oct 29th here in PA and I doubt there will be anymore yard sales or flea markets to go to so I’m not sure when the next time I will be able to update the Thrift Store Junkie portion of this blog. Oh well, till next time.

Thrift Store Junkie # 7

I have been focusing on my art blogs a ton recently( and I also have a huge illustration project that I am working on for a client. But that doesn’t mean that on the weekends I haven’t still been looking for video games and retro finds. My first find which I happened upon about 4 or 5 weekends ago was the best find I have ever come across. I went to a yard sale at a very large and very expensive house. In my experience these are usually the worst places to find deals, yet this time I found the best deal I ever came across. When I walked towards the sale the people running it said “Everything is Free!” What?! I had to make sure I heard correctly and again they said “Everything is Free!” I got a few books and my parents got a lamp and a few other odds and ends, but the best thing I got was this box…

Gameboy Games: The Emperors New Groove, Rocketfuel, Buzz Lightyear, Demon Driver and Midway Arcade Hits

PS2 Games: Destroy All Humans!, Jax 3,, Jax and Dexter, Ratchet and Clank, Ninja Assault, Ace Combat 5, Eragon, Tiger Woods 2005, X-Men, Okami

Wii Games: Rayman Raving Rabids TV Party

Gamecube Games: Shadow the Hedgehog

PSP Games: Spongebob Squarepants, Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron, Star Wars The Clone Wars

Movie: Xmen Last Stand

PS1 Games: Spongebob Squarepants: Supersponge, Spyro, Spyro 2, Crash Bandicoot 2, Tiny Toons Adventures

I also picked up a Wavebird for Gamecube, Metal Gear Solid for PS1, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mortal Kombat Mythologies and Quake for N64 at my local Goodwill. I also got Castlevania Harmony of D and Legend of Zelda A link to the Past for Gameboy Advance.

Thrift Store Junkie #6

It has been awhile since I have updated this site, but I have an excuse… it has been a pretty dry summer as far as finding classic and retro games and such. I am going to make a more conscious effort to get out to the thrift store soon. I really want to start collecting more Sega Genesis games, I love that system. Anyway, this post will be super quick and simple (mainly because I haven’t tried out any of these games yet).

Last weekend my Mom stopped by my house with a bag full of games, she paid a quarter for each game!

I am most excited to play Rayman Rush, Spyro Year of the Dragon and Jet Force Gemini. I think I will try all of these out this weekend coming up.

My Mom also found a Dreamcast about a week ago. It had no wires, but it was free! It also came with Power Stone 2 in the disk tray. I never played this game either but I have heard great things about it in the past. I have 2 other Dreamcast’s with the wires so I will be checking this game out soon.

Here is something stupid that I did as well:

This is one of 5 Sega Genesis’s that I own, so it really wasn’t a big deal. I like using this Sega as my main Sega now anyway.

Till next time!

Thrift Store Junkie #5 (June 13th 2011)

I’ve learned that the best thing to do when collecting video games (or probably anything else) is to make sure people know that you collect them. Recently my brother-in-law stopped by my house with a big Tupperware container full of games. He said that his co-worker found out that I collected games and thought I should have his old stuff. He said that the guy said I could give him $10 or somthing for the lot. I ended up giving him $20 because all of the N64 games where games I didn’t allready own.

Here is what the Tupperware container had in it:

A bunch of Sega Games. A Sega surge protector, which is awesome, it has big spaces in between each outlet for those giant Sega Plugs. A few of the games are duplicates that I allready have (Sonic 1 and 2, Doom 32x, Ground Zero Texas and Sewer Shark). I am excited to try Road Avenger for Sega CD, I always heard that it was a great game.

I allready owned a Sega Genesis, Sega CD and 32x, but its always great to have an extra laying around. I plan on wet sanding this Sega Genesis and painting it a nice shiny white. I’ll post pics when its done.

A bunch of N64 games. These are what I was most excited about. I didn’t already have any of these and had been looking for Cruis’n World for a long while.

There were also a bunch of Nintendo games in the box. I didn’t have any of these yet either. My favorite is Metroid(it even came with the instruction book!).

That’s it, I think it was a sweet deal for $20.00. I figured I would keep this posting short and sweet, plus I haven’t tried any of the games out yet so I can’t really talk much about them.

Till next time, see you guys later!