Video Game Beer Coasters!

Hey, I just received 3 of the Doom inspired Video Game Demon Coasters that I made. I originally drew this guy up because a friend of mine wanted to do a video game related mural in his game room, that project has been moving very slow but I plan to give him a coaster to make up for that. Because I feel that beer and video games go together like PB&J I plan on making a bunch more game related coasters soon. If anyone has any requests let me know! If anyone wants to purchase one of these they are only $6.00 over at my shop. They are heavy duty tile coasters with felt underlay so they donโ€™t scratch your table.

Beyond Good and Evil HD

Last night I downloaded the demo for Beyond Good and Evil HD for Xbox Live Arcade. I had never played the game before and am quite impressed with just about everything the game has to offer (the camera is a little wonky though). The characters are very interesting and the game seems to switch the formula up enough to stay fresh. I sat down and sketched this out this morning. It’s the two main characters from Beyond Good and Evil, Jade and Pey’j. I think I’ll probably download the game if I see it go on sale in the near future (I generally wait for Xbox Live Arcade games to go on sale before I pick them up).